Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Pacquiao vs. Mayweather Fearless Forecast

Pacquaio when he has still a Catholic

No.  I don't know how to predict who will win in this fight.

But I am pretty much sure this will happen.

When Pacquaio's boxing career has officially closed, he will found his own church and start attacking the Catholic Church like what he has been doing quite recently, more particularly during the visit of Pope Francis to the Philippines.

And he will have lots of followers, the same ilk as those who follow the Iglesia ni Manalo, who need the financial and political clout for survival.

But once all of that wealth of Pacquiao fizzles, if it does, expect the hordes of "fans" to suddenly go up like smoke.  As quickly as they came, the quicker they will leave too.

I actually pity the man.  He can feel how lonely he will be once his career in boxing is over.  He knows he is a failure in politics.  He knows he is a failure as a recording artist.  He knows that people around him say he is good only because he is STILL the Manny Pacquiao in boxing.  But once all of that is over, you will never see anyone listen to another Pacquiao song, nor will you see people believe what he says about politics.

So the only logical thing for him to do is to found his own church and be the god he wanted to be.

Now, for attention hungry has-beens, seminary rejects, that makes you wonder how he even got ordained....


Now you know.


  1. Yes, that is very possible. You can't determine who really loves you if you have a lot of things they can get from you.

  2. I actually pity the man. For the sake of his soul i pray he loses.