Monday, March 23, 2015

Inculturated Episcopal Ordination

Ganito ba ang ordinasyon ng Obispo ngayon? May pasayaw sayaw pa nalalaman. Oo nga ang Subli ay para sa karangalan ng Krus ng Alitagtag pero dapat ba na sa loob ng Misa?


  1. I know this is out of topic. Gusto ko lang i SHARE sa yo to →

  2. This is not inculturation but rather a misguided cultural agenda w/c runs counter to catholic culture. What next: the sinulog or atiatihan inside a church. I
    Laymen down the centuries had more sensethan to desecrate sacred space. Sadly its therpastors of the last century and now who are doing this. Just like the caracol dancing prelates.

  3. These devotional dances as done by people in obando, cebu, kalibo, pakil,imus and elsewhere have always been performed outside the church by lay people. Dancing in sacred precincts was only done our pagan ancestors. This is not inculturation but a paganization especially inthe context of the Misa ng Sambayanang Filipino.