Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wrong Iconography

Answers in the comment box!


  1. The surplice should be removed. It is inappropriate and never worn under the chasuble. The chasuble seemed to be backwards. Red is the color of martyrs. It would be more fitting that the Pope wear white or gold rather than red. the mitre should not match the color of the chasuble. There are three types of mitres which may be of use:

    1. simplex- the plain white mitre used in penitential days, seasons and Masses for the dead.
    2. auriphrygiata - the cloth gold mitre. Used in the celebration of the Seven Sacraments.
    3. pretiosa - used for the most solemn high feasts and solemnities.

    Let me also comment on the design of the mitre. I think it should have the titulus and circulus on it. That design would have better merited if somehow framed with the titulus and circulus.

    photo of a mitre with titulus and circulus

  2. The chasuble seems to be back-to-front. The crucifix looks like the one used by Paul VI and John Paul II. And it looks like a surplice underneath the chasuble instead of the pontifical dalmatic.

  3. May be they think that the surplice is the same with the dalmatic... :)

  4. This is at the Our Lady of the Abandoned church in Marikina City.

  5. Hi. Im the owner of St. John Paul II, and thank you for helping me to know more about the vestment of JPII. Honestly I dont know what to wear. I dont have any idea about their proper vestments. I just depend on the pictures. Thank you for the help! :