Thursday, June 26, 2014

The power of Holy Orders

You need to spend 4 years of studying Philosophy and 4 years of studying Sacred Theology in order to receive the Sacrament of Holy Orders so you get to do this!

If you look closely, one the priest there is the guy that did that stupid studio pose and asked people to "Pare, mag pari ka!"

And the other one is so notorious in his long torturous homilies peppered with anecdotes and jokes, you leave the church scratching your head if you went to a Kris Aquino talk show or the Holy Mass!  The people were so fed up they petitioned this priest to be relieved of his duties as parish priest!

Do you need to be ordained just to fulfill your childhood dream of becoming part of a boyband?

I have witnessed a lot of times how some people would come rushing to the rectory (you get the idea how I know this things) in the middle of the night, asking for a priest to come to their house because their relative is dying, and they desperately need a priest to perform the Last Rites.

No priest in the rectory.

Why?  Tons of reasons, some are valid, lots of them would make you scratch your heads in disbelief.

To the priests who stay true to the calling of their ORDINATION, God bless you.  You are indeed shepherds after the Heart of the Good Shepherd.

And to those who got ordained and do something else other than what their job description says of being ordained...

Don't wait for a visit from someone in Heaven to knock some senses into you.

Remember the purpose of that clerical tab.  Remember the purpose of why you received the powers of Holy Orders.

For crying out loud!

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  1. The Poster Boy Priest is the Ai-Ai delas alas's father confessor. The Comedian Priest is also her friend and he himself admits that he was too busy to make time for prayer until his transfer to an home for retried priests.