Saturday, June 14, 2014


Talagang hindi tumitigil ang paring ito sa pagsulong ng mga kabaklaan niya.

This is an image of the Virgin Mary with a rainbow colored cloak. Ano mali diyan tanong niyo?

Eto ang sagot diyan.
The Rainbow Sash Movement is an organization of Gay and Lesbian Catholics, with their families and friends, who are calling for conversion of heart in the Church around its treatment of gay people.
The rainbow is the most recognizable symbol of the gay community. GAY. Tama ba na gamitin yan sa rebulto ni Mama Mary para lang masulong ang pagka-bakla niya?

Siguro friends sila nung 2 teacher na bakla din? 2 teacher or tatlo?


  1. The Church treats all as Christ has treated us. The teachings of Christ are timeless and also can not be changed. But all have a chance to "Prepare the way for the Lord, make straight paths for Him.' We change for God, God does not change for us. Misunderstandings and propaganda of the media of the false value system should be cast aside to learn what Christ wants to tell and give us. This is the "third way."

  2. Tama ang sinabi ni Pope Paul VI: the smoke of satan has pierced the Church.