Monday, June 9, 2014

Pentecost Sunday Mass at Sta. Cruz Church

Photo was shared to me by a friend.

Uhmm... is EMHC or an elderly altar server.....Uhm....

Anywho....Moving on!!!

 What in the world are those the altar servers are wearing???  Seriously.  What are those?

And....another version of active participation???

It is still such a wonder, why some priests try so hard to do this when they deliver their homilies and sermons.

Did Venerable Fulton Sheen do this?

Did St. John Chrysostom?

Did St. Vincent Ferrer?

Did St. Anthony of Padua?

Did St. John  Paul?

Did Pope emeritus Benedict XVI?

Does Pope Francis do this?


They did not and do not need this cheap publicity stunt just to drive the message across.

They were excellent preachers who burned the heart of those who heard the word of God by their preaching.  NOT WITH THIS KIND OF STUNT.

Why do i consider this a stunt?

There is a reserved place to do the preaching during Holy Mass, and that place is situated so that ALL people can see you clearly.

Stop walking around dear priests.

The great Fr. Z, of What Does the Prayer Really Say? already made a blog post about this.

Stay in your place or else... 

PS:  What the hell are those??? Surplices???

 Oh yes.  And this is the same church that posted the pagan greeting on Chinese New Year.

Pagan greeting in a Catholic church posted in its sanctuary.

Your reactions Holiness???

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