Saturday, June 21, 2014

Excursion Mass...again.

Beach Masses were some of our top posts in TPC like this one and this one.

Now we have one for a resort!

Here are the people attending the Mass.

And look at this guy!  Chill!!!

And here are the priests, who are "properly" vested for the Mass or for the excursion?

And here is the "bigger" picture.

I am told that these are Blessed Sacrament priests.

And they treat the Mass like these.

Blessed Sacrament priests....


  1. Oh my! Namumukhaan lko yung 2 pari sa last photo. Sad.

  2. that is the problem when people think (priests most especially) that the liturgy is THEIRS. tsk tsk tsk... Even as we treat Jesus as a real friend, still reverence should always be presupposed precisely because HE IS GOD! a feel sad looking at these pictures.. these priests never learned their liturgy!!!