Monday, June 30, 2014

Babaylan sa Baclaran

Wondering why the Redemptorist is a dying order? Amomg many other faulty practices they have adopted, and laudable traditions they have discarded, this is a foremost reason.


How can you promote PRIESTLY VOCATIONS if you have ALTAR GIRLS?

Soon enough, these girls would start asking why can they not do what Father is doing? While the boys walk away from a group/club which accepts girls.


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  1. One the bright side, at least the girls are holding their hands right. Nice evening wear, but not suitable for altar servers. I do not doubt their sincerity and devotion, but your assumptions are likely correct. The boys will walk away and the girls will likely start asking why they can't become priests. Let's hope they avoid that pitfall.

    Of the four male-only altar servers at our college daily Mass, two are entering seminary. Having male-only servers really does foster vocations.

    Ugly vestments (stole), too. And what's with the stole over the alb, or is that a chasuble? Our Filipino priests on Vancouver Island, good and holy men that they are, wear the stole over the alb, and no chasuble = wrong! And no amice—you can see his collar.

    Forward the Redemptorists the link to Ars Sacra in Poland. Nice vestments for very reasonable prices!

    If they want proof of beauty and dignity, tell them to check out our new vestments from Ars Sacra—