Friday, November 22, 2013

Lex orandi

The priestly vocation is important.  The priestly missionary vocation is very important.

But in promoting this great calling, you dishonor it by using lame and wrong vestments.

So, what is wrong with this picture?


  1. The priest, (future) priest isn't wearing a cassock. And he is vested, how shall i say it... Well he needs some traditional roman style vestments, or at least gothic style. And lace, yes lace. Not the "moo,moo alb and stole.

  2. I think that the poster should be promoting the vocation to the priesthood by using beautiful vestments, not just a chasuble-alb with a broad stole. Trust me, I am a 14 year old and I find these vestments in the photo not as appealing. They should be using a Roman, Gothic, or Conical chasuble. I have also read that the stole must be underneath the chasuble, since the stole is the sign of priestly authority, and the chasuble is the sign of priestly charity. By putting the stole over the chasuble, it may denote pride rather than humility, since you are putting a sign of authority over a sign of charity.

  3. Stole should be under chasuble. Chasuble color doesn't match stole. No maniple?

  4. Yung overlay stoles.... at ung parang chasuble na manipis.. Tama po ba?

  5. The stole should be under the chasuble. But, as a campaign material in the context of the Philippines, i will give it a little consideration since it is the "priestly image" known to the young.
    A campaign material that shows a priest in Roman cut vestment may not be effective as the majority of the young are not used to seeing it worn by their priest.

    The background seems strange. It seems to be a TV set. I think the appropriate background in the altar or the church sanctuary.