Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Priest stands up for women and homosexuals, gets excommunicated


What happened???

I thought Pope Francis said...

Or so the media said.


Look how happy he was to receive the news!

Melbourne, Australia, Sep 25, 2013 / 02:06 am (CNA).- Pope Francis has ordered the excommunication of a Catholic priest in Australia who illicitly said Mass, taught that women should be ordained priests and advocated for “gay marriage.” [So the pope excommunicated someone who supported gay marriage huh?  What will the biased media say about this?  Hello Rappler!!!]

An Archdiocese of Melbourne spokesman said the Pope had ordered the excommunication of Father Greg Reynolds, who has also been dismissed from the clerical state, the Australian Associated Press reports.

Australian newspaper The Age reported that Archbishop Denis Hart of Melbourne said the excommunication was due to the priest’s public celebration of Mass without faculties to do so, and his preaching contrary to the teachings of the Church.  [Hey!  We have the same Brady Bunch here!  They teach at LST, MST, SVST, Euntes!]

The letter announcing the penalty, written in Latin, was dated May 31.  [I'm sure Mr. Reynolds did not understand a word written there.  He might have asked someone at ICEL to do it for him.  He definitely would not know any rad-trads out there, to translate it for him, no?]

Excommunication is a canonical penalty intended to warn and correct those who commit grave offenses against the Church. Priests who are excommunicated may not receive or celebrate the sacraments.  [I guess Mr. Reynolds does not believe in both the clerical state nor in excommunication, no?  Ha!]

Reynolds said he expected to be dismissed from the clerical state, but not excommunicated. He said he was told that Archbishop Hart did not apply for dismissal from the clerical state, but that someone else contacted the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.  [I bet it is a layman or laywomyn.  I respect his defense of womyn that is why I wrote it that way.  Ha!]

Reynolds had resigned as a parish priest in the Archdiocese of Melbourne in 2011. He founded a group called “Inclusive Catholics” the following year, and has indicated he will continue his work with the group.  [Now he is included! the list of excommunicated Catholics!]

In August 2012, a visitor to the group’s woman-led religious service reportedly fed “consecrated bread” to his dog. Media reports at the time were unclear whether the bread was in fact the Holy Eucharist, as the priest’s involvement in the service was minimal. However, the reports led Archbishop Hart to say such a sacrilege of the Blessed Sacrament would be an “abomination.”

The Catholic Church requires priests to have faculties, or the approval of Church authorities, to licitly celebrate Mass. Catholic teaching is that women cannot be ordained priests for ecclesial reasons, because Christ did not grant the Church authority to do so.  [No.  The theologians at St. Vincent and Maryhill are vehemently against this Patriarchal, invented dogma!  These teaching were concocted by a sexist bunch of old guys who continue to dominate the world and subdue the sacred feminine!  They are the cause of much injustice and evil in this world.  This subjugation of the feminine is the real work of the devil!  Not sin!  There is no such thing as sin!  There is no such thing as hell!  The real hell is when injustice is continuously done upon poor, helpless womyn who continue to be hidden in the dark shadows of the Institutional Church.  These Womyn who are continually treated as second class citizens!..............No, that's not me talking.  That's what I learned from my theology professors.]

Several individuals who have participated in the simulated “ordination” of women have been excommunicated.


I invite theologians of St. Vincent School of Theology and Euntes in Zamboanga to shed their pretenses and openly declare their support for women's ordination and homosexual unions if they really have the balls to fight for what they think is God's will for women and homosexuals in the Church!

Go ahead.

We dare you!

Fr. Pilario, this one's for you!

PS:  I bet you.  The media will not publish this news.  Because we should not focus on too much petty issues, right?

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  1. To those who thought that the Pope's recent pronouncements on gays sanctioned already gay marriages and homosexual acts...this confirms that the Pope is NOT altering anything.

    So sorry to those media people who want to twist what he was saying to serve their misled viewpoints.