Monday, August 19, 2013

Filipino Freethinkers...where are you?

I am sneaking in a few minutes while working for relief and rescue efforts because of the monsoon rains.

And just like in Habagat of 2012, MOSTLY Catholic institutions and Catholic men and women are in the forefront of helping the victims of the rains.

And in the midst of the chaos, I tried looking for the whiners who hate God so much for making their life such a misery, like their coffee from gay "marriage" supporter Starbucks is not hot enough, or there is too much ice in their Coke from Burger King...

I looked and looked if they were helping.

And this happened to me....AGAIN!

The Filipino Freefarters have a lot of reality check to do.

I guess their science and mathematics cannot change the fact that when the human spirit is needed the most, even they cannot show their spirit.


Because they do not believe in anything SPIRITUAL.

And they have the nerve to ask the Church to help!

The nerve.

Spoiled brats will always be a bunch of whiners.

They don't think.

They whine.

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