Monday, February 25, 2013

Fr. Sunny Castillo: Playing with the tabernacle

Look at what our playful Fr. Sunny Castillo did to the tabernacle...  God forgive him!

And because he is "in" and "hip", he also collected mugs of pro-gay movement coffee company Starbucks, brandishing the cities where he went to.

Yup.  A Roman Catholic priest.  Bragging that he supports an coffee company that sends money to pro-gay movements that are viciously anti-Catholic.

Makes me wonder....Is he.........

Ooops!  Wrong photo.

Here it is.

What do I feel with this latest act from HapiPadi?

Yup........that'll say it.

1 comment:

  1. So Father Sunny placed some plush miniature animals that children love around the Tabernacle... wasn't it Jesus Christ that loved when little children were near him ? Why does "God" have to forgive him .... "HIS" Son would love this!

    Starbucks is pro-gay? I think they don't discriminate against any 'people' so who cares if Father Sunny collects those cups.

    Makes "YOU" wonder if he is ? Oh he is a Homosapien all right, and a great one that has drawn more youth (and former non believers) back to the Roman Catholic Church.

    Apparently the words of Jesus Christ about "judging" didn't sink in ? Father Sunny has Thousands of people who love him, and we have his back!

    One could wonder, who you are, and why you have this obsessions of gays? Is that you Kenneth Copeland?