Wednesday, April 25, 2012

ELECTION 2013: First on the list NOT TO VOTE

I have been accused as being homophobic.


I think I am homophobic for being homophobic.  Wah?!

Anywho, I take my side on the issue of how to relate with people who have sexual tendencies towards people of the same sex following the wisdom of the Church, expressed and taught in Catechism, the Church that has existed for 2,000 years and has Its Founder, no other than the second person of the Blessed Trinity, the truly God and truly human, Jesus of Nazareth.


On that account....

I just read this news from Yahoo Philippines, which quite not surprisingly, is so hell bent on pushing for the LGBT agenda more than any other causes being pushed by other groups, like protecting the unborn (Pro Life Philippines) and helping feed the poor by gathering loose change (Pondo ng Pinoy).

Well, I guess people who want to be fabulous and Hollywood-like, just want to be like their steoreotypical reality stars who have tons on make-up to boot but nothing on the inside.

So, first on the series of someone to look out for, especially, GROUPS AND INDIVIDUALS WE SHOULD NOT VOTE FOR IN THE NEXT ELECTION is the LGBT Group "Ang Ladlad" which masks itself as an equal rights group, but more than anything else, is an LGBT group pushing for the hedonism that is killing Europe and America.


Bukas Isip, Bukas Puso," [Open Mind, Open Heart, in English] the new campaign slogan of Ladlad partylist, envisions a society or country that has an open mind and open heart.  [unfortunately, how can you open your minds to something that is unnatural and something that cannot be.  Two males cannot pro-create and so their union cannot be called Marriage, no matter how much you want to play with the semantics.]

Junking the old slogan "Pantay na Karapatan Para sa Lahat (Equal Rights for All)," Ladlad's plan for the coming 2013 elections is to be "more inclusive" in its campaigns and reachable whether a person is part of the lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders (LGBT) sector or not[Engk?  Will they include those who do not support their views?  Hehehe.  So much for inclusivity, eh?]

"We have to explain our platforms, mission and vision not just to LGBT Filipinos but to our heterosexual supporters as well, like our parents, brothers and sisters, friends, officemates, neighbors and classmates," Ladlad former chair Bemz Benedito explained.  [And they have lots of them!  No wonder they always lose in the elections, hehehe]

In line with this new campaign strategy, Ladlad will conduct several forums and gatherings to be able to reach out to the general public. Ladlad (a Filipino term that means to come out) was recognized by the Supreme Court as a legitimate LGBT political party in the Philippines in the 2010 elections.

"Our campaign will differ in many ways from the 2010 elections," Benedito said. "I am optimistic that we will win three seats in the coming elections. That is our goal and we will claim it![Eat your heart out!]

Ladlad, revealed the following four platforms it wants to pursue if it wins a seat in Congress:

  • Re-filing of the Anti-Discrimination Bill that gives LGBT Filipinos equal opportunities in employment and equal treatment in schools, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, entertainment centers, and government offices.  [.........................]
  • Re-filing of the bill to repeal the Anti-Vagrancy Law that some unscrupulous policemen use to extort bribes from gay men without ID cards.  [So to stop the "unscrupulous" policemen, instead of going after these accused policemen, you take out the law.  Genius of a solution!  You have termites in your house?  Burn the dang thing!  What chemicals are you talking about?]
  • Setting up of micro-finance and livelihood projects for poor and handicapped LGBT Filipinos.  [....]
  • Setting up of centers for Golden Gays, as well as young ones driven out of their homes. The centers will also offer legal aid and counselling, as well as information about LGBT issues, HIV-AIDS, and reproductive health.  [.............................]

It believes that the passage of the Anti-Discrimination Bill, which has been pending in Congress for more than 10 years now, will address the root of all LGBT-related problems by ensuring that their rights would be recognized and protected by the state and society.  [They actually push their number 1 so-called "right" which is recognition of homosexual marriages and all the rights and privileges that marriages of heterosexual couples enjoy.  No can do!]

According to Ladlad, the bill reflects the yearning of many LGBT Filipinos to be treated equally and to be judged not by their sexual orientation or gender identity but by their capabilities, skills, integrity and dignity[No problem there.  Just drop the cross-dressing, promotion of homosexual sex and homosexual unions, then we can talk.]

"Hopefully, the passage (of the Anti Discrimination Bill) could translate to acceptance of LGBT Filipinos in society, because tolerance, which is our present state now, doesn't parallel to equality of opportunities and of the law." Benedito said.  [Tolerance.  Such an ironic word.  HR people know for a fact that most companies still look at the school where you come from and not what you can do.  A fresh graduate from Andres Bonifacio State University (if there is one) will never stand a chance against a fresh graduate from one of the top four universities in the country.  Now that is discrimination folks and it still happens!  And now this?]

Bemz Benedito, a transgender woman from Abra who has been an LGBT rights advocate for nine years and a master's degree holder in Sociology at the Ateneo de Manila University, [don't we love that university!] is Ladlad's first nominee for the 2013 elections.  [Good!  CROSS THE NAME OUT, QUICK!]

Ladlad's other nominees are: lawyer Germain Leonin, [cross out!]  a lesbian and founding president of Rainbow Rights Project; lawyer Raymond Alikpala, [cross out!] a gay man and book author; and Pidot Villocino, [cross out!] a gay man who works for the Integrated Gender and Development Division of Davao City.

These Congressional nominees, who will represent the LGBT Filipinos in the 16th Congress next year, were chosen at Ladlad's February 18, 2012 national convention.

Ladlad also elected a new Board of Trustees, namely: Danton Remoto [so used to losing in the elections he gave way to another nominee.] of TV5, Ladlad media relations officer Dexter Macaldo, Rev. Ceejay Agbayani of Metropolitan Community Church-Quezon City, Ivanka Custodio of Lesbian Activism Project, Rica Paras and Santy Layno of the Society of Transsexual Women of the Philippines (STRAP).

Appointed officers by the board were: Remoto, chairman; Edmond Osorio, vice chairman; Ivy Krystel Hapitan, secretary; and Raffy Aquino, treasurer.

"We are more prepared now in terms of time, logistics, resources, network building and membership drives," Benedito said. "Unlike 2010, we were faced with so many challenges in terms of our accreditation and legality as a sectoral organization."  [Like I heard that in 2010!  Remoto once said on TV that the Comelec banned them as a political party because he claims that the Comelec knows that their party enjoys the support of many Filipinos and that they will surely win in the 2010 elections.  And...............we know how the story ended.]

To finance their rigorous election campaign, the partylist will depend on dues collected from their members estimated at more that 50,000, and from donations of their members, friends and supporters. The party is also exploring the possibility of endorsing some senatorial wannabes, provided that they are LGBT rights advocates willing to carry the platforms of the party.

"If elected, our first step is to consult our constituents and chapters to assess what we learned in the whole process of the campaign," Benedito said. "It's always a necessity to go back to your members and coordinators in every step because we are the voice of every individual, who yearns to be heard and understood."


Ladlad, after the Supreme Court ruled in their favor, giving them the "go" to become a legit political party promised that they will surely win in the elections.  And...............we know how the story ended.

Expect a replay in 2013.  Same storyline, same ending, but different actors or actresses...

It was just like finding a pirated DVD being sold in Quiapo with the title:

"Titanic 2"

How in the world did they do that?!?!

Well, Ladlad will surely be TaloTalo this 2013...

...with your support!

Or...........none of it.


I repeat what the Church teaches:

2358 The number of men and women who have deep-seated homosexual tendencies is not negligible. This inclination, which is objectively disordered, constitutes for most of them a trial. They must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity. Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided. These persons are called to fulfill God's will in their lives and, if they are Christians, to unite to the sacrifice of the Lord's Cross the difficulties they may encounter from their condition.

2359 Homosexual persons are called to chastity. By the virtues of self-mastery that teach them inner freedom, at times by the support of disinterested friendship, by prayer and sacramental grace, they can and should gradually and resolutely approach Christian perfection.

Go visit Courage Philippines and learn that becoming a Christian and a homosexual is not a far fetched reality.

They are there to listen, help and understand.

Stay away from LADLAD.


  1. could someone help me answer this argument by LGBTs. When they are told that one of the goals of marriage is pro-creation, they would answer "how about those who were senile/sterile? What if a couple who knows from the beginning that they can't have children decided to get married, would that make their marriage wrong?"
    Hope someone could help me answer this.

    1. You cannot compare an apple to an orange. LGBT people know that from the very beginning their inability to procreate inside a partnership is determined by nature.

      I have a question though. Can anyone know if he or she is sterile/incapable of bearing an offspring even before marriage? If yes how? Because most people only discover that they are incapable of this AFTER the marriage when they have tried and exhausted all means.

      To answer your question, in my opinion, a spouse's inability to bear a child does not make the marriage "wrong" although they (the spouses) might feel that it is less than perfect, but it does not make it wrong before the eyes of God. Childless couples can always have the option to adopt and for some who do not they find a lasting fulfillment by spending their time in worthwhile causes and being a father and a mother to those who need their love.

      What is wrong is same-sex marriage because no matter how they try to rationalize it, it can never be right in the eyes of God.