Friday, November 11, 2011

All about that supposedly "Catholic" priest again...

From Concerned Catholic:
Noticed a few relevant materials on Pinoy Catholic that mention the "Catholic Church of the East" and Robinson Bunag.
Please note that while his sect claims to be "of the East" the founder of this sect, Ramzi Musallam, was a former Catholic who apparently was ordained in Polish National (Old Catholic) and attempted consecration the "Reformed Catholic" group (just check that name out on the web) and so forth. They use a hodge-podge of the reformed Vatican II liturgy (not Eastern) and seems they've had trouble with the actual Assyrian Church of the East, as is noted in a communication issued by their leader:

I hope that clarification above states it all.

"Fr." Mark Robinson Bunag, also has his own website and wrote this as his "About"
Mark Robinson Bunag is a missionary priest of the Catholic Church of the East from the Philippines. He also has previous experiences as a values and religious education teacher, activist, practical liturgist, youth counselor, philatelist, avocational philosopher, traveler, pet lover, nature protector and pro-life advocate. Presently, he is more known as Fr. Mark, a Catholic priest and preacher. Other also known him as teacher; he taught in both private and public schools in Metro Manila. Still some know him as a singer or a singing priest. Lately, he has also been known as spiritual director, vocation promoter and assistant parish priest. He is also serving the local government as chaplain in Youth Rehabilitation Center and Campus Minister. At last, he is known for his joy, his willingness to build healthy relationships, and his passion for God. This page has been established for those who want to get some updates about him. Thank you for your support.
No mention that he was once a Franciscan seminarian...booted out.

That he once served in Krus na Ligas...booted out...done something veeeerrryyy bad there.

He even uploads photos of famous bishops of the Catholic Church in the Philippines maybe to give the impression that he is Roman Catholic.

I think he is posting these photos while he was  STILL a Roman Catholic.  You think?

And that he is a priest of a church that is not Catholic, nor anywhere near under the authority of the Bishop of Rome.

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