Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rumor has RCAM...

Archbishop Antonio Ledesma, SJ is being considered for the Archdiocese of Manila?!?!?


The liturgical shenanigans in Manila are going to continue like the one here?


Manila has never had an archbishop who is not a member of the secular clergy since Bernardino Nozaleda, O.P. stepped down in 1902.

Well, we should not let our guards down. religious or secular as long as he is not as hostile to the Traditional Community and will give the pink slip to the Benedictine monk and his cohorts at the Arzobispado, MST and San Beda, the better!


UPDATE:   Hmmmm.... The videos of Masses from Cagayan de Oro Archdiocese that was uploaded in Gloria.TV are now unavailable.  Did someone delete it from Gloria.TV?  Hmmmm.....Conspiracy?  Or someone was tipped off so Rome would not see it.  Hmmmm....

1 comment:

  1. Mama Mia!!! No!!! May God spare us with such liturgical abuser. Well, he is next to Chupungco's Award "Best Liturgical Abuser of the Church."

    Let's pray more!