Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pope wheeled on a platform...Sedia Gestatoria anyone?

The aisle of St. Peter's from the sacristy to the High Altar is 100 meters long. An 84-year old man is not supposed to walk that far.

The Holy Father used this platform in as he leads the Mass for the New Evangelization.

This is the same platform that Blessed John Paul used during the final years of his life.

No cause for alarm, says Fr. Lombardi, as this is not for any medical reason.  It is there to help reduce the stress of the Pontiff.

You can read more about Benedict's use of the platform here.



Time for the sedia gestatoria?

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  1. In my opinion that is safe for the pope either wheeled platform or Sedia gestatoria in order to prevent some people attacking him while at the processional entrance.

    But let us continue to pray for him especially during the Holy Mass for his health.