Thursday, September 29, 2011

Chupungco: Inculturation does not create new rites

Almost forgot about this.

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From Catholic Sentinel


The Catholic Church is an international body and its liturgy naturally reflects the fact. That's one message from Father Anscar Chupungco, a Filipino Benedictine who has for decades been writing about the Second Vatican Council's Constitution on Liturgy.  [And for Fr. Anscar, the only document that matters. He hates Summorum Pontificum by the way. He does not even want to write about it. Why? He can't write nor sell books about it. Just my opinion. Ha!]

Father Anscar, who will speak in Portland next month at a national meeting of diocesan liturgical commissions, says inculturation in liturgy does not create new rites, but translates the Roman liturgy into the culture of local churches. [Rubbish! His Misa ng Sambayang Pilipino is a completely inculturated and a completely different liturgy! What he talks about "translates the Roman liturgy into the culture of the local churches" is EXACTLY what is being done to ALL ORDINARY FORM MASSES throughout the world! Never has inculturation been envisioned by the Council Fathers of Vatican 2! Never was inculturation even considered by the Council Fathers of Vatican 2! Then where the hell did this all started? TO SELL BOOKS, maybe?]

"The sound tradition of the Roman liturgy is the basis of legitimate progress that inculturation seeks to achieve," Father Anscar has said. He is seen as the father of liturgy in The Philippines. [No siree! He was never considered that way. Only his students call him that. They even have an ORDER named after him. Right, Dave?]

The meeting is set for Oct. 10-15 at the Doubletree Hotel Portland Lloyd Center. With the theme, "Strangers No Longer in the Household of God," participants will examine the relationship of culture and liturgy. Church liturgists will ask how Catholics of many cultures gather, tell stories, share gifts, celebrate and go forth. [Eng?]

"When we are celebrating the liturgy, we are thinking about everyone in the church, not just our parish. It's the body of Christ and the body of Christ is diverse," says Michael Prendergast, a Portland liturgist and conference organizer. [And?]

"We have to emerge from stereotypes [feminist alert!] and find how we can interact with people who are different as human beings. If you can't do it at church, where can you do it?" says Providence Sister Jeremy Gallet, another organizer and head liturgist for the Archdiocese of Portland.  [No wonder.]

During the conference, Father Anscar will receive an award for contribiutions [sic] to litutgical [sic] life. He has taught in Rome. [I have a million and one things Fr. Anscar contributed to our litutgical life.]

Also speaking during the week will be Jesuit Father Allan Figueroa Deck, executive director of the U.S. Catholic bishops' Secretariat of Cultural Diversity; St. Anne Sister Kateri Mitchell, executive director of the National Tekakwitha Conference; Paulist Father Ricky Manalo, a liturgist and composer; and Sister Marie Lumas, a Sister of Social Service who teaches religious education and culture at the Franciscan School of Theology in Berkeley, Calif.

An opening day prayer [Not Mass.  Just a prayer.  And this is a gathering of liturgists folks!] will be hosted by St. Andrew Parish in Northeast Portland and a Thursday Mass is set for St. Mary Cathedral.

From 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 15, parish liturgists, other leaders, youths and people in the pew are invited to come for learning and discussion. Father Anscar will speak that day. Smaller discussion groups with local experts will take up topics such as ancient prophets and contemporary culture, intercultural ministry, the folk Mass revolution, Our Lady of Guadalupe, liturgical catechesis for receiving the New Roman Missal and music for multicultural assemblies[You'll get catechesis about the New Missal from the same guy who publicly derided it?!]

The gathering is co-sponsored by the Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions — a grassroots [wow!  for the people!] Catholic organization — and the U.S. bishops' Committee on Divine Worship. The last time the national meeting was held in the Northwest was in 1997 in Seattle.

The Portland conference will focus on the experience of multiculturalism in the church. The 2012 meeting in San Jose, Calif. will highlight the church's response to diversity of cultures. Organizers chose the west coast as an apt location to discuss inculturation, because of the diversity in the Catholic dioceses of the region, which have Native American, Hispanic and Asian influences.


This news actually raised more questions than answers.

And certainly raises more suspicion!

Can't help it.  With all the awards and claim to fame that this monk has, WHAT HAS HE DONE TO STOP LITURGICAL ABUSE IN THE PHILIPPINES?


So, honestly, I don't hold this man in high esteem as a liturgist.


  1. HEY! Don't be hard on Bro. Dave! He's the Only Chupangcan to be A Master of Ceremonies for the Ateneo Latin Mass Society.

  2. Who's that Dave, Josemaria. I think we have two different Daves in mind. I might have heard of your "Dave" though I would reserve my comments. :)

  3. Ethan, I was the one who wrote it. And I have another Dave in mind. If you want that Dave to be the one, then it's up to you.

  4. Bro. Dave Ceasar Dela Cruz!

    In His blog( his Bio says:

    "At present, he is a member of the Ministry for Liturgical Affairs of the Diocese of Cubao, where he serves as Diocesan Coordinator for Altar Servers, resource person, and one of the Masters of Ceremonies; Headmaster of the Liturgical Formation and Enrichment Program; Trainor(sic) and Master of Ceremonies of the Ateneo Latin Mass Society; and Director of the Confraternity of Catholic Saints together with Frt. Lloyd Paul Elauria, OFM."

    BTW. There's A Latin Mass later at the Ateneo:

  5. Ah, ok. Did not know. I am not updated about the ALMS.

  6. An award for Chupungco? Best Liturgical Abuser in the Philippines for him!

    I was in the Ateneo during the latin Mass today. I saw Fr. Ofrasio and Prof. Dave as emcee. Though it was my first time to attend such much, it was so solemn and so roman.

    After Mass, I heard there group of liturgist (which I knew that some of them went to Bukidnon and San Beda) talking about Chupungco. While listening, I said to myself "Is Dave converted?" Hahaha!

    Oh well, Dave is more liturgist of the Roman Rite than his mentor Chupungco. I saw in him and Fr. Ofrasio that they respect the old man so much because Chupungco was their teacher but they won't allow him to hold them in their neck.

    I heard also that the liturgists of the Philippines are now divided: Chupungconian and the Roman...

    Once I attend Dave's school of liturgy ( in one of his lectures on the Tridentine Rite and the Roman Missal. I was surprised of what he said and believed ha...

    Anyway, maybe we have different thoughts about the Chupungco students like Fr. Ofrasio and Dave.

    How about my professor in UST Jeff Velasco of Ateneo de Manila? ( He is much worse



    An award for Chupungco? Best Liturgical Abuser in the Philippines for him!

  7. TPC, check this out:

    So Chupungco, right?

  8. TPC, check this out...

    any comment?

  9. Come to think of it... I've been reading AC's Catechetical primer on the new translation of the Roman Missal. Seems pretty errr... Traditional. Checked on it. Hmmm... A wolf in sheep's clothing? I guess AC's aware of the evident fact that Traditionalists are becoming an inevitable reality for him.

    On regards to this "Dave Dela Cruz" guy, I'll reserve for a PM or two some hard-hitting and spicy words on this so-called "Master of Ceremonies". He should watch out though. He might succumb to his vanity and pride and become like that fraudulent priest of the "Catholic Church of the East".

    God's Will be Done!

  10. Hi, TPC! Hope you got my comments...

    Anyway, well let them do their work. Anyway, they will pay their sins when they die.

    But how I wish that La Paloma Alegre will have a heart of a Christian... so judgmental.

  11. I read too Chupungco's Primer on the new Roman Missal. Isn't that he's against it? How come that he changed gear?