Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pope Benedict's Papal Mitre?

Do you remember Pope Benedict's Coat of Arms?

Here it is.

The silver mitre with the triple gold bands replaced the traditional Papal tiara and as an addition, the pallium with the red crosses, deviating from the traditional black crosses.

Now, Mr. Dieter Philippi, of the Philippi Collection made a mitre looking like the one in the papal crest.


You can visit the rest of the Mr. Philippi's clerical headgear collection by visiting his blog.

Your thoughts on this one?

You think Papa Benny will wear one?

I still want him to look like the photo below.


  1. I don't think the Pope will wear the tiara. A Pope who wants to engage the secular world in a positive way may find that tiara more of a liability.

  2. He cannot wear the tiara because he was not crown after the election. Modernist ideas more like it.
    pray for him.

    The last true pope crown was Pope Pius XII.

  3. So, sedevacantist priest...

    He cannot hold the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven because he did not wear the triple crown?