Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mass by every priest

Imagine the number of Masses offered by priests at each of this altar EVERY SINGLE DAY than by seeing priests concelebrate just one Mass and seeing how the concelebrants just stand, hold their hands up and say nothing...

I still prefer each priest saying his own Mass.

Imagine the graces we receive because of the 10 Masses celebrated than just one concelebrated Mass.

Just imagine.

If concelebration were better than "private" Masses, then, in this age of technology...



  1. No Mass is better than another mass, be this a Mass with congregation or without. The Merits of Christ's sacrifice is applied to us according to the will of God. But all Masses are public prayers. Even in the Mass without congregation, there should be someone to make the responses.

    The Second Vatican Council reforms clarified the truth behind what the Protestant Reformers objected.

    In concelebration the priests don't do nothing. In the consecration of the bread and wine, they stretch out their right hand. During the anamesis, they have their hands outstretched.

    Traditionally, concelebrated masses are done during major feasts or when there is a church anniversary, synod or council. For example during a parish anniversary, all the priests serving the parish can concelebrate the Mass. Visiting clergy can also concelebrate the Mass.

    As for concelebrating with the Pope, I can't. I am not in Holy Orders. But I can assist at Mass celebrated by the Pope, even through live streaming!

  2. can i ask where this photo was taken? abbey or monastery maybe? thanks!

  3. I saw it here:

  4. I still prefer priest saying Mass on their own. Imagine the different Masses said for you! I am no fan of concelebration. Why? Look at how concelebrants concelebrate. Seriously, do you think they are celebrating the Mass?