Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The apathy of Catholics



MANILA, Oct. 18, 2010— Retired Archbishop Oscar Cruz expressed sadness over the seeming apathy from Catholic believers amid direct and strong attacks against their religion. [Wait till I rant at the end of this article.]

Cruz is particularly referring to the attitude of the faithful in defending the church over calls for it to stop meddling over the birth control issue.

“Truth to say, in this particular case, the silence of these well spread Catholic organizations was deafening. [I think he had someone in mind.] They were almost all so peaceful and at ease during such a shameful episode in their church,” he said.

He said it is ironic that many believers don’t seem to mind these direct attacks against their church, considering that they have been fulfilling their Sunday obligations and in other church-related activities.

“Oh yes, churches are full on Sundays. People frequent novenas and processions in honor of their favorite Saints. But their faith appears both eclectic and superficial while their morals remain juvenile,” said Cruz. [Which I agree.  An internal reality is expressed through externals, by word and deed, not just mere show.  This was what Jesus was attacking when he told the Pharisees and scribes as white washed tombs.  White and sparkly clean on the outside, corrupt and rotten on the inside.]

The former president of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines said this silence is nothing compared to the force shown by those who want to silence the church on the issue. [Is "ravening pack of wolves" an understatement?]

He also noted how “well-concerted efforts” were made as follow up to the act of tourist guide and reproductive health (RH) bill advocate Carlos Celdran three weeks ago. [It sounds like a conspiracy theory but I can subscribe to that.  Notice how the liberal big-mouthed media men tried making a hero out of the attention seeking tour guide.  So, yes, it was well-concerted.  And you don't walk around dressed up like Rizal everyday right?]

“It is definitely amazing how such a notably well-concerted effort could be staged – fast and effective – saying but one and only substantive and loud shout, viz: Shut up CBCP! Step aside Church! Shame on you Churchmen! Angry texts and bitter calls suddenly invaded the tri-media,” said Cruz. [We must not discount the fact that there are a LOT of anti-Catholics out there.  INC, Evangelicals, Masons, atheists, you name it, they are all out there.  And in the Internet, ANYBODY can say ANYTHING.]

“There were even lighting rallies made here and there – all denouncing the supposedly Church doctrine thus perceived, shouting the shameful sins of the clergy, and most of all, cursing the CBCP for its alleged dictatorial nature and pursuant stance.”  [I can't help but recall the Elizabethan era in ole England.]

To recall, Celdran disrupted an ecumenical service at the Manila Cathedral last Sept. 30 when he criticized the Catholic hierarchy for “meddling” in state’s affairs.  [Yet he did not criticize the CBCP for meddling in agrarian reform, human rights cases, graft and corruption, illegal gambling, etc.  Now that is called bigotry isn't it?]

Walking at the center aisle in front of several bishops, he hoisted a placard bearing the word “Damaso” while repeatedly shouting for the bishops to “Stop involving yourselves in politics”. (CBCPNews)


Let me name these organizations which Archbishop Oscar Cruz:

The Knights of Columbus of the Philippines Yup!  My brother Sir Knights are silent about THIS particular travesty of Celdran.  In fairness, the Pinoy Knights have stood up against the RH Bill.

The Catholic Charismatic Communities more particularly the big ones like:  El Shaddai, Elim, Couples for Christ...

Prominent lay Catholic personalities like Mike Velarde, Bo Sanchez...

The Church spread by the blood of the martyrs who stood up against adversity to proclaim with their very own lives the pristine truth of our Faith!

Brothers, your silence is deafening!

The Church is under attack and you'd rather stand aside and do your own.  Don't tell us that you are even tempted to play your fiddle while the whole country goes awry?


On another note...

Carlos Celdran, I am still awaiting your response!


  1. It only means that the Philippine hierarchy has failed quite badly in catechesis. If they just put more time in pastoral work rather than running the Church as just like any organization.

  2. Right you are Dr. Ben. That is one part that the CBCP on their part must answer for themselves, which, I am afraid, they have been dodging for the past decade.

    Must be because of their apathy for the liturgy also?

  3. There are so many Pinoy who call themselves as Catholics but do not practice the teachings of the Catholic Church, thus they are just Cathlics in name only.

    This saddens me. I think the apathy of many "Catholics" is as dangerous (or even more dangerous) for the Church as the attack of the ravenous wolves.

    I remember the warning of St John in Revelations about the lukewarm believers of Christ. I think it is time for our bishops and the clergy to re-evangelize the Philippines, like what the Pope wants want to happen to Europe.

  4. Why Don't we Start the Evangelization,by Closing Theology Schools of Dissent!!


    One thing, though...

    What school will be left?

  6. Ummm...Why Don't we ask Theological Centrum(Opus Dei) to Open a Theology School Here?

  7. Do you think the CBCP would agree? Nah. Fr. A would not want that.

  8. Well Then,Let's EXCOMMUNICATE FR A!!!

    When I Read the List of MST Faculty Members,not One of Them came from The Pontifical University of The Holy Cross!!(I Have yet to Read LST)