Saturday, August 7, 2010

An Opinion of a disgusted Knight of Columbus

Phil Lawler, a columnist for Catholic (and its director), took this stand. You can make this my own quote also:

The Knights do not have the authority to deprive their members of the sacraments, nor is anyone suggesting that they should do so. What some K of C members do suggest is that pro-abortion politicians should be deprived of the privileges of membership in a private fraternal organization.

The Knights should look to their bishops for leadership on questions of faith and morals. But on questions of practical politics--the realm of the laity--the Knights should set their own course. Let the bishops decide whether an individual Catholic has separated himself from the Church. But the Knights can decide for themselves whether a man has separated himself from their fraternity.

The Knights set their own standards for membership. Some members have been removed from the rolls for failure to pay their dues; some have been ejected because they engaged in public attacks on the order. Are these more serious offenses than support for abortion?[Passing this responsibility to the local bishop is simply playing the chicken card!  The bishop's role is to kick out someone out of the Church for not keeping the Faith!  The Grand Knight and Supreme Council's role is to kick someone out not keeping with the ideals of the Order and one of those is the defense of life!  BE MAN ENOUGH SUPREME COUNCIL!!! THIS IS THE TIME TO BE THE KNIGHTS OF LIFE IN SHINING ARMOR!!! THIS IS WHERE CATHOLIC CHIVALRY COUNTS!!!]


Makes me want to:

a. Leave the Order I love so dearly


b. Petition the Holy See to act decisively on this issue.

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