Friday, August 20, 2010

The Holy Eucharist: Have you heard about the multiplication of loaves?

Its about the gospel narrative where Christ fed thousands of men, women and children by multiplying loaves and fishes.


Have you ever heard priests saying that Christ did not multiply the loaves but that He taught the people who were attending how to share because, according to modern Biblical "exegetes", the people came with their own provision of bread and fish. And when they saw Christ, "bless, break and share" the bread and fish...hold on to your seats...a "greater miracle" happened! Yup. It was the sharing. Not that Christ can actually multiply bread and fishes to feed thousands but that He can move people to share.

Sounds good, right? WRONG!!!

That is the evil of MODERNISM, long ago condemned by St. Pius X in his encyclical "LAMENTABILI SANE".

Listen to these YouTube uploads how Steve Ray, who was recently here in Manila, trounces the Modernist interpretation of that Gospel passage and how he brilliantly defends the Holy Eucharist. The series is composed of 7 videos entitled "Defending the Eucharist with Steve Ray". I embedded only two of these. You may head to YouTube to watch the other videos.

If ever you hear your priest or deacon or nun say these things again, you know how to answer a more respectful way of course.

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  1. Have you read Benedict's 'Jesus of Nazareth'? A masterful rebuke of 'exegetes' claiming that Jesus of History is far from Jesus of the Gospels.