Monday, November 17, 2014

Glory to God for the 2015 Papal Masses in PHL

Composed by Fr. Manoling Francisco, SJ now being sung in Catholic churches in the Archdiocese of Manila.

I heard it sung at Edsa Shrine this Sunday.  Lasted for almost 10 minutes!  That beat your usual Gregorian chant, Missa de Angelis Gloria which only runs for 3:20!

The antiphon is in English, Latin, Bisaya, Tagalog and Ilocano.

Three verses.  First in Ilocano, next in Tagalog, and then the last one in Cebuano.

So if you are like most of Filipinos here in Manila, chances are you will only understand two out of five languages/dialects used.

Which makes you scratch your head.

Why not just one language?

Why not just English?  Why not just Tagalog?  Why not just Latin?

So the liturgists of the Archdiocese will spend time asking the people to learn this new song while deriding the centuries old Gregorian chant?

Tell me.  Is this what San Beda and PIL taught you? despise anything from the past just because they are old?

Latin is hard to learn?  Tell it to these youths.

Tell that to the Muslims.  Young people already chant and read Arabic....I mean young FILIPINO people.

It can be done.

They just don't want to.

PS:  I saw photos of a young seminarian serving the Beatification Mass of Lorenzo Ruiz and companion martyrs at Luneta.  That seminarian is now a cathedral rector and the other one is an archbishop.

Why'd I say this?  Simple.  Professional Lay Liturgists especially the one from Cubao would love to take the spotlight even from seminarians.  Why not enter the seminary instead of being a perpetual altar server.  Let me give you a hint.  FLUNKED.  REJECT.


  1. Not the First Time:

    1. I've seen how these professional lay liturgists overzealously prepared for the papal mass, but I can't help but wonder how they were selected and why they were deemed worthy of such? We have seminarians and priests that are more capable and more competent in preparing the whole liturgy, but why them? I don't have the right to question anyone's piety, but for my opinion, that one from Cubao is more like of being self-righteous and pakitang-tao. Why? He is always like (posting picture of an open missal) "Ito ang texts from the missal, paulit-ulit na itong itinatanong". What authority does he have in Liturgical Matters? Does it mean that when you attend PIL and you were under the Tutelage of a Master Liturgist and a Master in Musica Sacra you will be authoritative and pretentious in everything you say? In the Papal Mass, the spotlight should be directed to Christ, He suffered for us. The whole idea of the Papal visit is to bring Christ and the church to the people. I don’t have anything against them but, sometimes seeing them, I feel ashamed. They are not priests but look at them.

    2. Can we just enjoy the beauty of the song instead of giving negative comments? I, myself, loved the song. If it was sang 10mins. I guess the arrangers and even the composer took the liberty of rearranging the style of the song... and when I bought the album it was shorten to 6mins.. 2mins. shy of Alejandro Consolacion II's Papuri sa Diyos from his Misa Inmaculada. What is my point here? As a Music Minister, we follow the Guidelines from the Missal. The song is attributed to the Philippines' diversity in languages.. it showcases the culture of the Philippines. Besides, the Vatican approved of the use of this song during the Papal Mass here last 2015. Who are we to judge? We are not perfectionists here... kung patuloy tayong aatake ng aatake sa kapwa edi parang di din tayo nalalayo dun sa sinasabi ninyong liturgist na tinutukoy niyo... Overshadowing the Seminarians... edi kayo din? Overshadowing sa liturgist... -__-

  2. Here's a little Latin for the Papal Visit.