Monday, April 28, 2014

Preparing for Communion for the Canonization Mass


These were some of the ciboria used for the Canonization Mass.

Have you seen this much ciboria in one Mass?

Not his much actually, but you'll never see that much ciboria used even for a large number of the faithful hearing Mass at either a park like Luneta or an indoor facility like Araneta Coliseum.


We use CHEAP materials for our ciboria, like wood and even PLASTIC in dis-honor with that hot tempered, ill mannered priest who celebrated Mass using Tupperware for a ciborium.

Yes. He did.  I have the photographic evidence.

Point of the matter is this:  

We give precious things for the Lord because that is how we show our appreciation to someone we VALUE.  We give VALUABLE THINGS.  (Nahahawa ako kay BOY CAPS LOCK AH!)

With or without the liturgical laws about sacred vessels, with or without what was instructed upon Moses concerning worshiping the Lord at the Temple...

We give him the BEST ALWAYS!

So the next time you see priests using TUPPERWARE or PYREX as ciboria for the Holy Eucharist, or use mass vestments whose market value is way cheaper than the pants or shoes or watch they are wearing, remind them that God sees...all the time!

No amount of reasoning or CAPS LOCKING can make them weasel out of this one.

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