Friday, December 13, 2013


Carlita posted this old image of the Manila Cathedral last Sunday.

What do you notice?

What does it have in common with this. 

Let me rephrase my question: WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE IMAGES?


Watch this!


  1. I believe and hope that the monitors installed in the renovated cathedral basilica in Manila would provide a better view of the altar for the faithful who are impeded from seeing the altar directly during Mass or another sacred liturgical rite (if they are seated in the north or south aisles or transepts or even apse, chancel or ambulatory). Using a projector for Mass may ordinarily seem out of sync but there are a few instances where it would be appropriate such as a Mass for the deaf. Other than that I'll take Mass programs, missals over a looming projector over the altar any day!

  2. Parang sine tuloy... :( NOVUS ORDO MISSAE. More fun in the Philippines. :( Maraming innovations at kung ano-ano pa...

  3. There should be a crucifix on the wall of the sanctuary facing the congregation.