Tuesday, October 8, 2013

GULP Alert Update: What did they do after seeing the post?

Remember this?

Of course, our dear friends Robby Okol read about this and so did the two priests mentioned in the blog, Frs. Jek and Gener.

Everybody in the Archdiocese of Manila knows who those two priests are.

How did they react?

According to our deep penetrating GULP agents,  DEADMA.

Yup.  The two priests couldn't care less.  Why you ask?  Either they fully agreed with what Okol did and gave their permission to the staff of Fr. Diwa to take home the Blessed Sacrament for his own private exposition and adoration, or these two priests are just playing it by ear until someone files a petition against them either in the Archdiocese or in the Holy See.

As for Robby.

What is he doing?

Cleaning up his friends list in Facebook.

So that is now the protocol when you are caught doing some illegal and possible sacrilegious thing to the Blessed Sacrament.

Play possum and Unfriending.

They must have this guy as their adviser.

PS:  Which has the higher probability for the Blessed Sacrament to be snatched away like this for "private adoration"?

                a.  Communion in the Mouth
                b.  Communion in the Hand

Don't strain your brain.  You might look like Patrick Starr.

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  1. So how do we file a petition to the Holy See? I think it would be also helpful that we educate and equip ourselves with information on possible actions and recourse for scandals like this. It is very important that we do not just let scandals like this to pass. This should deter kooks from going about their usual business, knowing fully well that the faithful can no longer be taken for fools. Now we are talking about ACTIVE PARTICIPATION