Thursday, October 17, 2013

Expertise of the Filipino Freethinkers...STILL NEEDED

If they have the SCIENCE and MATHEMATICS...

And they have the BRAINS...

Why would your science not tell us when an earthquake will strike?

SCIENCE powerless?

BRAIN is dead?

They cannot even explain through science how this happened and instead blamed GOD for the destruction and death.

Yeah, I guess if they get stumped and humiliated, it's God's fault.

Maybe you should start blaming Gloria Arroyo too no?

Or maybe ask this genius here why he can't find a solution to his own problem.

PS:  I have stirred a hornet's nest but I brought along my pesticide.  Ha!

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  1. Can Science explain why the earthquake struck on a HOLIDAY early in the morning in Bohol and in Cebu and NOT in the National Capital Region and the greater Manila area?

    To all Freethinkers and INC members THINK ABOUT THIS

    1. Had the earthquake struck on a Sunday, thousands of Catholics would have died inside the churches in Bohol, and hundreds would have been injured here in Cebu.

    British tourist Robert Michael Poole who was biking in a coastal area in Bohol when the earthquake struck, told CNN, "Lucky thing it's a holiday here today and it happened at a time when NOBODY was in the church."

    2. The earthquake happen early in the morning when the malls and other business establishments were still closed. Had the earthquake struck at a time when the malls were already filled with people imagine what would happen?

    3. Imagine what would happen if the earthquake struck between 12 midnight to 7 am (where people are still sleeping). Mas marami pa ang magiging casualties sa Bohol.

    4. Had the earthquake happen on a Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday, thousands of elementary and high school students would have died inside the schools both in Bohol and in Cebu. Here in Cebu, there are more or less 30 schools that were badly damaged, most of the ceilings and walls of these schools caved in. One teacher here in Cebu said that she's thankful that it was HOLIDAY. kasi kung hindi pa Holiday, daan daang elementary students na siguro ang patay na ngayon. Sa Cebu palang yan, how much more sa Bohol.

    5. Had the 7.2 earthquake struck in NCR or greater Manila area, ilan kaya ang magiging casualties, considering na mas malaki ang population ng Manila kesa Bohol. According to an Engineer in an interview, had the earthquake happen in NCR, malamang more or less 35,000 ang mamamatay. Freethinkers should be thankful at buhay pa ang mga puwet nila ngayon.

    There are so many things that we should be thankful.

    If Christ during his lifetime has His own share of sufferings EVEN if He's the SON OF GOD (remember he was crucified even if He's innocent), then magtataka pa ba kayo if we also have sufferings during our lifetime?

    To INC members who said that the earthquake is God's punishment to Catholics who "worshipped" idols DAW. THINK ABOUT THIS

    Those churches in BOHOL and here in Cebu were already standing hundreds of years ago long BEFORE Felix Manalo was born, long before INC existed. Our churches are only structures for worship, the real church are the catholic faithfuls. Mawawala man lahat ng simbahan, pero hinding hindi mawawala ang Catholic faithfuls - which is the Catholic Church. Nandito pa rin kami very much alive.

    To all Freethinkers, why don't you help the earthquake victims in Bohol instead of talking non sense against religion. Bakit hindi nyo tulungan ang kapwa nyo Pinoy na nangangailan ng tulong, para naman may katuturan ang existence nyo dito sa mundo, hindi yung puro lang kayo pa CUTE, OR baka naman maghihintay pa kayo ng isang matinding "SCIENTIFIC EXPLANATION" kung bakit tutulungan yung mga victims at paano tulungan. at dapat bang tumulong sa kanila.

    To all INC members, kung tutuong maka DIYOS kayo, if your religion is the TRUE religion as what you said, then why don't you show God's kindness to your fellowmen. why don't you help the earthquake victims instead of endlessly criticizing the Catholic church. Why don't you have a medical mission to Bohol to help the earthquake victims. Why don't you give food and water to the Boholanos who are suffering from hunger OR help rebuild their homes. Siguro naman wala kayong RELIGIOUS DISCRIMINATION dyan OR baka naman gusto nyo pa ng special media coverage bago tumulong. OR baka naman gusto nyong masiguro muna, na when you help those in need, it is to your ADVANTAGE.