Monday, May 6, 2013

Twisting Church history

The former pope and the current pope praying in the chapel of the Mater Ecclesiae Convent
where Benedict will spend his time in the prayer and silence.

I am catching up on the news after spending much of my time in the weekend with my brothers in different patron fiestas all around Metro Manila....*burp*  *hick* zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.........

Well, anywho...

I read this article about the return of Pope Emeritus Benedict the Reformer to the Vatican and how he was welcomed by Pope Francis the Humble...

What caught my attention were these two paragraphs from the Religions article.

According to Rebecca Rist, a specialist in church history [Specialist?  There is such a title for that?  Why not historian?]  at the University of Reading in Britain, the two popes will have a “very cordial” relationship, unlike the 13th-century scuffles between Celestine V and his successor Boniface VIII. [Uh-huh...we know how that ended right?  No?  Wikipedia!!!!]
Boniface persuaded Celestine [Da hell!!!!  Specialist?!?!  Persuaded?!?!  Celestine resigned without being forced to do so and it was not even Boniface who did that!  Where in the world did she get that?!]  that it was “in the best interests of the Vatican [What?!  The "Vatican" was not even used during the time of St. Celestine!] for him to resign,” Rist said. But Boniface, “fearing that enduring loyalties to the former pontiff could provoke a schism,” ordered Celestine imprisoned until his death.

See what you get when you have these so called "specialists" twisting history.

And so-called "freethinkers" would just take this in, hook line and sinker...

So much pretenders in the world.

Like the insituted acolyte (DAW!) who wears a clerical collar because it is the privilege (DAW!) of being a church organist (DAW!)....

I heard his once sing...

Makes me remember my farm trip in Batangas...

Poor cow.  *sniff*

Anywho, it was yummy bulalo soup afterwards!  Yeah!

The point here is: Media is so full of fact twisters and pseudo-historians, you really have to be careful who you deal with.

Church History Specialists?  Instituted Acolytes?


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