Thursday, May 30, 2013

Traditionally overdoing things


When you have too much acolytes in tunicles...

Why would they even wear a tunicle in the first place baffles me!

And white gloves???

What is this?  Some military honor guards or KofC honor guards in tunicles?

And what's that?

Surplice or Alb?

If the traditional movement does some of the excesses that the Novus Ordo group does, then where do we even say, "This is what the books says."

How can we even say "Say the Black, Do the Red." when we have too much liturgical excesses from all sides?!

Anyone who can give me a valid explanation why we have this, please chime in.  I won't regulate comments this time.


  1. tunicles only be used for minor cleric not layman, servers only wears cassock and cotter. nothing else. they should read more on liturgy and rite. then they get it right.

  2. Are you sure they are not Anglo Catholics? :-) Anglicanism still preserves the medieval right of acolytes to wear tunicles but this is now rare. If they are Catholic traddies, the probably got the idea from an Anglo Catholic "ritualist" manual!

  3. Perhaps you might want to make a research on the tradition that the Traditional Filipino Catholics inherited from the Spanish Catholic Tradition. I also happened to wear a tunicle too whenever I am the crucifer in a Traditional Latin Mass.