Monday, September 17, 2012



How low can these people go!!!!

from the group, Artists for RH Bill!


Imagine, when will they do the same thing to the Koran?

Remember, Muslims are anti-RH!

I bet you, these harlots won't do it to the Koran.

So much for freedom of expression eh?

Talkin like the big fat Jezebel of Intramuros!


  1. Yes they are a bunch of blasphemers!

    Btw when I answered Sen. Miriam's 8 reasons why Catholics should support the RH bill many replied to my comments both pro and contra. Here how I answered the able Senator.

    The very well learned Senator Santiago misses the following points:

    1. Though the Church never teaches the Anti-RH position as an infallible teaching more so a doctrine of the Church, it is on the other hand falls under the moral responsibility of the Church to properly shape and mold the Catholic faithful according to Christian moral standards. Therefore, her pronouncements and stands over these issues require the religious and conscientious assent of the faithful.

    2. Catholics do enjoy freedom of conscience but only conscience that are molded and formed according to true Christian morality enjoys this freedom. Freedom of conscience is objectively the right of those whose conscience are formed accordingly, that is their right to follow their conscience is without a doubt necessary but for those whose conscience are not in accord to natural law, they may exercise it subjectively. Their right to freedom of conscience must only be allowed if and only if, for the greater good of society and without injuring the right of others who possesses the freedom of conscience objectively.

    3. The able Senator must neither mix nor confuse an aspect of Social Doctrine of the Church, that is the preferential option for the poor, with Liberation Theology. The Church is a perfect society and as Pope Leo XIII says '(the Church) is a perfect society of its own kind and their own right… in accordance with the will and power of the grace of their Founder in and of itself owns. As the goal of the Church is more sublime, its power is always far superior, and it can therefore not be considered less than the Civil state, as to not be in a state of subordination’ as such the preferential option to the poor is always grounded on Christian teachings and morals and never far removed from it. Also, Liberation Theology is a doctrine repeatedly been condemned by the Church. Its principles are admonished and censured repeatedly by Church Authorities simply because it espouses Marxist principles.

    4. The Senator perhaps misunderstood the theological term sesus fidelium. Sensus fidelium do indeed mean "the sense of the faithful", that is the shared and common accord of all faithful in expressing a belief BUT in case of RH Bill a) the Anti-RH position is not a Church doctrine, per se, but rather an application the Church moral doctrine. Meaning what faithful "sensed" is already part of the corpus fidei of the Church, b) the fact that it is not the hierarchy alone who opposes the bill but even the ordinary faithful. Given the fact the Church in the country is divided where on earth did the honorable Senator get the idea that the whole company of faithful, excepting the hierarchy, are on the RH Bill side?

    5. Truth is neither limited nor defined by time, people or numbers. Whether the whole Catholic world acquiesced and only one remain it does not change the fact that a whole lot principles of the RH Bill to which it was grounded was contrary to natural law and Christian morality.

    6. RH Bill is not love for the poor, its love for money. The fact that we have so many laws already in place about these issues of women's health but still needing another one a proof of our government’s ineffectiveness in implementing our own laws? When Pope Paul VI discarded the commission's report it is because its not in accord with the Church's teaching. The Commission was plagued by a bunch of liberals who want to hijack the Church's moral teaching. And succeeding popes uphold Paul VI's actions and legacy.

    7. RH Bill is cruelty to the poor because it debases their sense of morality as if the poor is not capable of any moral compass.

    8. So what if it’s already ten years old. Even if it aged to 100 it doesn't change a bit that it is not sound.

  2. Bro,

    They cross the line again. Do we have our own version, if not a Philippine branch, of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights?


    Another Bro


    Food for thought. :)