Thursday, August 23, 2012

RH: The Ring of Power!

A beautiful piece from the Monk's Hobbit over at his Facebook page:

What does the RH Bill promise us? It is the great Ring of Power: it will reduce poverty, promote responsible parenthood, and lead to good governance–the high and ultimate purpose that our country has striven hard to accomplish only to be derailed by the Catholic Church and the Anti-RH groups. The RH Bill promises us a “choice”–to order our married life as we will. We can bide our time until we are financially and emotionally ready to have children. We can justify to ourselves that we are obeying our conscience whenever we use the condom or the pill, and ignore many things that pester our thoughts, such as the possibility of getting pregnant, because the unwanted child that can easily be disposed by morning-after pills or abortion. Each child should be a child we want to have and not a child by accident. And as we use the pills more and more through the help of RH Bill, our power over our bodies will also grow, and we shall be like the gods who define what is good and what is evil through three criteria–me, myself, and I. We can forget about what the Catholic Church says–it’s a Medieval institution out of touch of the modern-day Filipinos. Mortal sin? There is no sense of talking about ”a sin whose object is grave matter and which is also committed with full knowledge and deliberate consent.” These are scholastic definitions and modern man has no need for such rubbish. And if the government passes the RH Bill, millions of dollars from UN and US will pour into the Philippines. The poor shall be no more. There will be a high quality of life for all. By embracing the RH Bill, we remain as Pro-Life as ever. There need not be, there would not be, any real change in our designs, only in our means.

Wonderful words befitting of Saruman the Wise. But his voice has already lost its charm: the end does not justify the means.

That is the allegory of the Ring of Power as told to us by the Catholic J.R.R. Tolkien (who died attending the Latin Tridentine Mass).

Absolute power corrupts absolutely...

The RH Bill promises to be a magic silver bullet...the Ring of Power that will give you everything you want, right Smeagol?...They are all GOLLUM!

This is her eventual fate.  Love her looking like this.

Jabba da Hut?  Yeah........Gollum din.  Hungry for power...........and money.
Smeagol lonely.  Smeagol can't find Precious...(The commission from pushing RH.)

Sing with me!  "There's a zombie on your lawn...There's a zombie on your lawn...."

Sylvia Claudio:  Smeagol wants babies torn to pieces, because Smeagol wants rights of women to abortion!

Dr. Esperanza Cabral:  "Smeagol sucked as DOH Secretary so Smeagol wants to make up for Smeagol's screw ups!"
Dr. Junice Melgar:  "Smeagol knows where you can have abortion!  Smeagol shows you where!  It's in Quiapo.  But Smeagol only promotes RH.  But if you want abortion, Smeagol shows you where.  But Smeagol doesn't promote abortion, only RH.  But if you want abortion, Smeagol shows you where............"


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