Tuesday, May 15, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: ICEL Executive calls for more reverence at Mass



Msgr. Wadsworth in the center with Bishop Roche of ICEL, present to Pope Benedict XVI their book.

A leading liturgist [Hell no!  not the one in Bukidnon!  And the diminutive one in Intramuros who teaches at MST, NO!] has made the case for priests to celebrate Mass facing east and for communicants to kneel when they receive communion[Read that?  I guess those two guys won't agree with it.  You can bet your whole life's savings for this and you are a sure win.]

Mgr Andrew Wadsworth, executive director of ICEL (the International Commission on English in the Liturgy), said that reviving both practices would assist in the "widespread cultivation of a dignified and reverent liturgy"[I doubt those two I mentioned would ever agree.  Their academy or association or whatever in the green world that is does not even talk about these things.  In MST, which the old guy founded and where the little one still teaches, these things are taboo!  Try saying these things and you are headed to parts unknown!]

Speaking at St Mary Magdalen Church, Brighton, on 1 May, he listed criticisms of the liturgical reform following the Second Vatican Council claiming that the "casual disregard in the manner, distribution and appropriate reception of Holy Communion" had resulted in a lessening in the sense of its importance.

Mgr Wadsworth, a former Latin teacher, also encouraged a "recovery of the Latin tradition of the Roman Rite".

Watch this video of Msgr. Wadsworth.  Worth it than paying to go to San Carlos....Ha!


Latin in the Liturgy was decreed by the Second Vaticab Council but why the Bugnini-led Councilium that drafted the new Mass completely disregarded Sacrosanctum Concilium, the infallible Bible of Misa ng Sambayanang Pilipino zealots?

Don't get me wrong.  I love both forms of the Mass, EF and OF.  But you see more circus in a common OF Mass than in a circus itself.

Ever tune in to Studio 23 every Sunday morning?

The High Anglican Mass is more Catholic than the Mass in SM Megamall with all the hand-raising, (whatever that is) and tambourine dancing (whatever the hell that is) and Willy Revillame homilies of Fr. SOBREjuanite...

Yes, my dear folks.  That is what pains me a lot.

Our country has produced a world-renowned liturgist YET he is not doing anything CONCRETE to address the liturgical abuse that happens in our churches in every Mass every day.

Such a pity.  A brilliant mind reduced to getting back at the man who cost him his illustrious job in Rome.

Such a pity.

Why oh why for a brilliant man like him insist on Mass where priest and people face each other instead of facing the same direction as in worship?  Don't we all face the same direction during Eucharistic Adoration?  Isn't Mass mostly adoration?  Mass is not an entertainment program where we face a program host!

Why oh why for a brilliant man line him not do enough to ban Communion in the Hand or even recommend bishops of the Philippines to take a second look at this practice?  Has it done more harm than good?  Yes, it does.

Why oh why?!

Such a pity.


A waste of a brilliant mind.


  1. I like the black texts and most especially the red texts... LOL

  2. If I have the money (and I hope the brains and guts) to enter the seminary, if I discern to be a priest, I would really want to study OUTSIDE the Philippines. I don't expect too much in the seminaries here, most especially in terms of liturgy.