Sunday, April 15, 2012

BREAKING NEWS! Mass at SM Baguio suspended!

Still unconfirmed but the news is making the rounds!

Holy Masses at SM City Baguio are hereby ceased by the Ordinary of the Diocese of Baguio, Bishop Carlito Cenzon, according to the Vicar General Msgr. Andres Cosalan.  The Bishop has ordered that Sunday Masses celebrated at SM City Baguio would be ceased until further notice. He has informed all the priests of the Diocese to comply with this order.

Because the Holy Mass is a sign of unity and reconciliation, which SM has yet to promote, SM does not deserve to have the Liturgy celebrated in its premises because of its lawlessness and because it caused division in the community.

To add to this, blessings of any establishments inside the mall are to cease until further notice.

I am not much of a fan of mall Masses, ONLY IF, it were held at its own chapel like that in Greenbelt, in Trinoma, in SM Megamall, sans the liturgical dancers, hand raising (as if you are in elementary school) and the priest of the KSP congregation who loves to swswswswshhhh...

Sacred matters in sacred spaces and in sacred times, ok?

This is a welcome development for me if you ask, even if the reason is all about the cutting of trees.


So, ok. Well just take it.

So, what trees are we going to cut near SM Megamall?

Uh...............Are there any?

Swswswswsshhhhhhhhhhhh..............Ingay mo!


  1. The funny thing about SM is that they still held masses in their malls when there are already Churches near them. Take for example SM North, Our Lady of Hope Parish Church is just a stone throw away! SM San Lazaro has Espiritu Santo Church. This churches are just walking distance from their malls, so why do they need to say masses which are surprisingly scheduled an hour before mall hours?

    The Mass is ended, go,you may now shop.

  2. I wonder why they have to have a Mass in SM City Baguio. Isn't the Baguio Cathedral just near the mall?