Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Consider this!

And that moment when Mary said "Yes" to the archangel Gabriel's invitation.

And we will recall THAT MOMENT when God the Son became a human embryo...


The Feast of the Annunciation!



Consider this also.

A human embryo is a unique being, with a unique DNA pattern.  It is not just a blob of blood.  It is not even just a simple part of a woman's body.  It is a human being!

There are contraceptives that either expel the embryo from the woman's womb or it makes the womb such a hostile environment that the embryo cannot implant itself on the uterine wall, thus the embryo, the unborn human being, is expelled from the body.

So, what do you call that process when a human life in the womb is terminated?


See, why Holy Mother Church has been firm in its condemnation of oral contraceptive pills?

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