Thursday, February 2, 2012

Someone does not want the new translation

Really does not want it!

No, Fr. Chupungco is a given.  He is not even a priest

Sharing to you the rant.


I find the changes, quite wordy, and ancient, not all filipinos have big vocabularies especially in the mother tongue, and with the changes it will do to the music including the Gloria, ha, it will take some time to digest especially with the translation, I hope the new responses in Filipino would not sound funny like "At SUMAKALULUWA niyo rin" or "Para nang pagpapatawad namin sa mga NANGHIHIMASOK sa amin". I prefer the old translation than this. Since it is much more YOUTH and CONGREGATION friendly, even if it is not a LITERAL TRANSLATION since a verbatim TRANSLATION would sound stupid in reality. This is just my opinion on the issue.


Go and comment and give your OPINION ON THE ISSUE.

I have a million and one reasons to trump this one but I'll leave it up to you folks.

FYI, he is not a priest, does not have theological background.

But a MINISTER. Music Ministry that is.

See how bad hot air of a seminar here and a seminar there can do to you?



  1. You feel bad about it? Let's just have everything in Latin so there will be no issues.

    1. Is that your Solution to be eh??!!! No wonder why there are people who are indeed opposed to the New Translation, so what's next?? Traditional Latin Mass in all Churches and the scrapping of the Pauline Mass?? I have no objections into it but make everything Latin Hhmmm That all maybe Catholic but not all Latin :P Pope Benedict XIV hammer of Traddies in his Encyclical "Allatae Sunt" Get that Traddie

  2. hey why my reply was not yet posted. Anyways i will again quote His Holiness Pope Benedict XIV Encyclical "Allatae Sunt" that all maybe Catholic but not all Latin, Entiendes. For you Gerald, if you will have everything in Latin then expect more Issues other than the New Translation :p

    1. Noah, this is my blog and my time and my rules. Keep it cool.

    2. And the response of Gerald about Latin, it's simple.

      The original liturgical texts are in Latin. So to cut away the debate about the right translation, let us stick to the original. Right?

      So of course, the Latin texts apply ONLY TO LATIN RITES not Eastern Catholics in union with the Pope since they have their own liturgical traditions and liturgical books.

      And I do not think that there will be more problems if we stick to Latin. This is an issue of liturgical revolutionaries ALONE like Bugnini, Piero Marini, Chupungco and Reginald Malicdem.