Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Prayer of Jabez?

I have heard about this a long time ago.  It is heavily promoted in the "Prosperity Gospel" circles, as it can bring you, uhm, prosperity and riches.  Sounds like a magic incantation to me.

Well, here is the prayer.

If you ask me, why have that when you can have this!

Makes me wonder why these Born-Again Christians keep on promoting the other prayer when this one was taught to us none other than the Lord Himself!

Never heard these supposedly Bible believing Christians promote the Lord's Prayer.


  1. There's nothing wrong with the prayer per se; as one can see, it is Biblical (1 Chron. 1:10 as can be seen). It is not "inferior" to the Lord's Prayer as it is also from Scripture. I don't think there is any problem if there are people who prefer to pray this, as long as it is used in its proper context (not as some sort of mantra to become rich).

  2. I Disagree,It's A Prayer to ask God to Guide you in exploring territories that will open up new opportunities in using your talents for His service.

  3. The Jabez Prayer is Consistent with The Words: Give us this day Our daily Bread.

  4. There is really nothing wrong with the prayer. It is how Prosperity Gospel preachers are making a dollar and a dime for those who would fall for their marketing ploy ala Home TV Shopping.

  5. Well, the problem then is with such preachers who use this to make it look like that's the only thing this passage is good for. But in itself, there is nothing wrong with it; in fact, if one has the proper disposition, then the prayer can even help in one's spiritual life.