Tuesday, July 26, 2011

You must not lead, if you don't know how to follow

From a fellow crusader of Life.



Is it not odd that despite all the amount of time and money, wisdom and talent, that has been devoted to the study of leadership, the world seems to be in an endless quest for ideal leadership? Let us pause to reflect on the cumulative billions of dollars spent on development courses and training seminars, inspirational books and instructional videos to teach new and allegedly more effective styles of leadership. Can we truly say that the world today is better off with modern-day leaders? A quick scan of global headlines does not seem to suggest it -- from an unprecedented debt default facing the USA and European countries to widespread political instability in the Middle East and North African states; from the widening income inequality between rich and poor to the wanton degradation of the environment; from shocking scandals that destroy careers in sports, business and government to senseless crime and violence against innocents. Amidst the frightening breakdown in society’s morality, where is leadership?
Perhaps it is time to change our thinking and our ways about how we look at leadership. Perhaps the truth about inspiring and effective leadership lies not in searching for new and better leaders, but for better followers. Perhaps the truth is a paradox. That in plain and simple language and in no uncertain terms – indeed in one word, “Leadership is Discipleship”. The concept of “Leadership” derives from the Latin root word, “ducere” meaning “to guide”, while “Discipleship” evolved from the Latin root word “discere” meaning “to discern” and “to learn”. One cannot guide if one cannot learn. One cannot command if one cannot obey. Perhaps there is wisdom after all in that contradictory proverb pasted by a wise elementary teacher on our classroom bulletin board, “A good leader is a good follower.” But whom do we follow? The answer I offer I learned from my late father, “Only our Lord leads our life.”
As we close the first year under P-Noy’s leadership, let us honor him for his accomplishments, particularly in honesty and transparency. Let us uphold righteousness, but not self-righteousness. Let us embrace God-centered leadership but reject self-centered leadership. Let us heed the admonition of Jesus Christ to his disciples in Matthew 23:10, “Do not be called leaders; for One is your Leader, that is, Christ.” This Gospel passage interchanges “leaders” with “teachers” because “education” also traces its etymological origin to “ducere”. So while the President continues to honor the Filipino people when he says, “kayo ang boss ko” may he also acknowledge “nguni’t ang Diyos ang boss nating lahat.” Mabuhay!

Willy E. Arcilla
Business Mentors, Inc.


Christ is the best example of a follower and a leader.

Because he best exemplified both: obedience to the will of His Father and showing His disciples how to do it.

Kudos and a hundred salakot tips to Sir Willy!

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