Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Catholics for RH?!?!

SAN PABLO CITY, May 17, 2011—Laguna Bishop Most Rev. Leo M. Drona has warned his Roman Catholic constituents throughout Laguna or the Diocese of San Pablo not to be misled and to avoid any involvement with a group that purportedly introduce themselves as C4RH or Catholics for Reproductive Health (RH) Bill as they directly oppose authentic Catholic teachings.

The prelate issued a Clarificatory Note dated May 10, 2011 on C4RH following recent media reports identifying a certain C4RH or Catholic for RH Bill as supporting the Reproductive Health Bill now renamed Responsible Parenthood and claiming to be a Catholic association or group.  [You see the term wolves in sheep's clothing isn't cliche' anymore.]

Drona said, “we are thus compelled to issue this clarificatory note for the guidance of all Catholics so that they may not be deceived or misled by this group purporting to call itself C4RH or Catholics for Reproductive Health Bill.”  [We hope that fellow Pinoy Catholics and other bishops and priests would get their guards up!]

He said, “The Church, particularly, the Diocese of San Pablo does not consider nor recognize this group to be authentically Catholic association or group since it espouses and supports a stand contrary and in direct opposition to the magisterial teachings of the Church. While we recognize an honest and sincere diversity of opinion in matters open to such legitimate differences, we must also be cognizant of the limitations of such disagreement. In faith and morals where principles are well settled, we expect unity and assent to the truths proposed by the Magisterium.”  [Hear that Ateneo professors and priests?  Don't call yourself Catholic if by your word and deed you are not!  And if you cannot agree with the teachings of the Church, get yourself a new church!]

The prelate, through the Commission on Family and Life of the Diocese of San Pablo also clarified that “The firm and uncompromising stand of the Church to uphold the dignity of the person and to protect and respect life from conception up to natural death have always and everywhere been the constant teaching of the Holy Mother Church.” [That is the starting point of the debate about the stand of the Church against contraceptives and abortifacients.  The Church is pro family planning not pro contraceptives.]

“The public espousal of measures that directly undermine these non-negotiable principles of the Catholic faith [TAKE TO HEART THOSE WORDS FOLKS!] is a sharp wedge that cuts the unity of the Church. Hence, any faithful who joins or affiliates himself or herself in the C4RH which claims to be a Catholic association, endangers his own spiritual well-being,” Drona warned.  [If the bishop used the "E" word, imagine the chagrin of Celdran!]

The bishop finally reminded all catholic lay constituents including the members of the Clergy in Laguna that the “Diocese of San Pablo does not recognize the so-called Catholics for the Reproductive Health as a genuine Catholic association or organization in accordance with canonical rules. Any Catholic who freely identifies himself or herself to this group gravely errs.” (Fr. Romy O. Ponte)


Remember how the Democrats used the same tactic to get the so-called Catholic vote for Obama during the 2008 US Presidential election?

Weird the same thing is being used here.

Remember that Planned Parenthood, the so-called women's rights based organization, is here in the country as well supporting the group Likhaan.  And PP is pro-abortion.  They call abortion as part of Reproductive Health.

Learn that.

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  1. A Catholic in good conscience cannot support the RH Bill's principles that go against the Law of God. It is however possible and morally licit to support parts of the bill that is in accordance with God's law.