Monday, April 25, 2011

Why dissident Catholic priests and nuns multiply...

Bishop says ‘some’ priests support birth control bill

THE divisiveness brought by the proposed reproductive health (RH) bill has not spared the Catholic Church.

Some priests are supporting the measure which is strongly being opposed by the Church, said Archbishop Paciano Aniceto, chair of the Episcopal Commission on Family and Life of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines. But he would not give an estimate of this support. [I have blogged about this.]

“In the Church, there’s a space for dissent also…Even the 10 Commandments, ang daming hindi nag-o-obey,” he said. [Uhm...there are dissenters but there must be no room for them.  They must be publicly reprimanded and corrected.  If they persist in their errors, they must leave.  Ever heard of the expression and declaration "Anathema sit!"?] “We leave it to their conscience. We respect that. But majority are not in favor. I think, in their own moral and theological discernment, we should respect them for that.” [Respect?  And then what?  Catholics who are confused will be even more confused!]

Archbishop Aniceto said he believes the pro-RH priests, who he said have maintained anonymity although some bishops are aware of their dissenting positions, are just misguided or lacking in complete knowledge of the RH bill’s provisions.  [Or are simply dissenters.  What else would you make of them?  Maybe borderline heretics!]

If I were his bishop, I would remind him…perhaps he does not know the aspects of the RH bill. If given thorough explanation and the consequences of this and the effects of this, I think he will be able to change his judgment,” said Archbishop Aniceto.  [And if he still does not change and continues to spread his errors in seminars and inside the seminary and schools?  Then what?  Respect him for that?]

The CBCP is saying the RH bill is an anti-life measure because it allows the use of artificial contraceptives like condoms and pills.

The Church is only for the natural family planning method.

The consolidated RH measure is pending before the House plenary for passage on second reading.


If you see a mouse or a rat running in your kitchen or living room, what do you do?

"Oh, let's respect it for what it does.  Rats do that.  It's in their nature."

Sure, leave them alone.  Anyways, they'll breed in the dark and multiply and before you say "Ahhhh!!!", they'll be all over the place.

If these are your kind of shepherds, who needs wolves?  They leave you to be fed in them anyways!

Remember that there is a thing called sin of commission and omission.

And in the corporate world, you can get fired for NOT DOING your job.

Bah!  Who am I talking to?!  Bishops who do not anymore believe in the Catechism?

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