Monday, March 7, 2011

A rant of a die-hard fan

Well, it is a Monday morning and lo and behold I received an email from a die hard fan of Bishop Tagle, who goes by the name. NO I won't name him/her.

And here is his email:

Dear Pinoy Catholic or Whoever the hell you are, [wow!  why call me "Dear" in the first place!  Geez!]
I am just wondering why did you not [oops!  Wrong grammar.  It should have been "why you did not.."] put in your blog my LATEST REBUTTAL [what rebuttal?] challenging you on the above subject. [There I just did. Did I make you happy now?  And you did not rebut me.  Go join a debating class to know what that is.  I guess they'll take in even retirees.]
What happen?, [wrong grammar!] you chickened out (like your BOGUS resources, ha?) [obviously you were not reading my posts.] because you CAN NOT defend or produce the damn recorder [I heard the bishop say it a couple of times, dude!  Were you even reading my post!  I wasn't able to record it during my time THERE so I asked someone my junior to do the recording for me.  Obviously the guy or gal (go guess) is afraid to take my recorder with them.] taken during Bishop Tagle's LECTURES (this is more than one lecture, dude, & you can not even produce one recording? hmm I smell some dead fish... ) so you can defend your accusation against Bishop Chito Tagle?  [touchy touchy touchy... like a Bieber fan.]
[PS:  Damn my sources chickened out and would not want to bring my recorder to one of Bishop Chito's classroom lectures.  Maybe someone read my post!  HA! ]
Oh, maybe the damn recorder mysteriously disappear ha? hmm sounds like the missing Richard Nixon Watergate Tapes [Do I smell a case of ADD here?]
By the way, what's the latest on your gathering of evidence as per your blog dated Jan 4, 2011? more than 2 months already, dude- wala pa? ang bagal naman nang evidence gathering mo, tsoy- you know what wala ka naman kasi ipu-produce, eh!! dada ka lang ng dada eh or you are still looking for your bogus resources- ay apo!!
Your "thepinoycatholic" blog Jan 4 , 2011 says:
"Once we gather the evidence, we'll bring it to the proper authorities.
Can you do me favor? keep me updated once you find the damn recording, ha? (why am I holding my breath?)
Once I get them P, I'll see you at the Nunciature!  I'll even give you a copy of my letter to the CDF!  Now you know what those mean?  No, I mean the words and acronyms.

Fly back to the Philippines and see what a wonderful world in theology schools we have here right now.

Maybe talk to one of the Pinoy bishops and ask them their impression of your fave bishop.

Go to Imus and talk to one of his clergy.

And here's more PC!

You do not know jack squat what I heard from him inside his classroom because you never were inside his classroom and you were never my classmate!  So what I heard is evidence enough!

So live with the thought that the guy you so adore is saying another thing when not in front of a huge audience or a live TV camera!  Isn't that how dissenting theologians work?

I am happily working and in contact with a lot of priests and bishops who say and share a lot of things about the state of the Church that I cannot even post here.  You have NO IDEA what is really going on.

PS:   I suggest you pray that dissenting priests and bishops stay true to the gift of their vocation and teach what Holy Mother Church has taught for centuries, the same faith that we have received from the Apostles.

So, live with that thought.



If we continue to support erring priests and bishops, what do we get in return?

If it was said that we only get the government we deserve because we vote for the officials, then I guess we also get the kind of nuns, brothers, priests and bishops we deserve if we do not even tell them that what they say or do is not what we read in the Catechism and hear from the Sacred Magisterium of the Church.

And let me again quote the great Servant of God, Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, who spoke to the Knights of Columbus in 1972:

 “Who is going to save our Church? Not our Bishops, not our priests and religious. It is up to the people. You have the minds, the eyes, the ears to save the Church. Your mission is to see that your priests act like priests, your bishops like bishops and your religious act like religious” 
By the way, that quote is available in the left hand navi bar of my blog.  I posted this obviously because there is this smart-aleck dude who does not have any idea what this blog is all about.

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