Saturday, February 12, 2011

Surprise! Another Pinoy Jesuit dissenter

I have received a lot of emails notifying me about a certain Fr. Eric Genilo, SJ going around in parishes delivering talks about the Reproductive Health Bill.   He did that in December and they will do it again in Mary the Queen Parish.  Read what a Cagayan de Oro Catholic who attended a supposedly anti RH Bill discussion thought of Fr. Genilo.  Scroll down to the CBCP News page.

He teaches Moral Theology at the Loyola School of Theology.

And here is what you should know about him.


He will drag you to hell along with the lot of his dissident theologians.  He may look like he is against the RH Bill but in reality as most Pinoy Jesuits are:  THEY ARE FOR ARTIFICIAL CONTRACEPTION!

I have written countless of times why I consider most Filipino Jesuits, along with those in Maryhill and St. Vincent as the leading dissenters in the country.

I have written that Bishop Chito Tagle teaches at the same school as Fr. Genilo.

These men will lead you to the express way to perdition!

Along with Bishop Teodoro Bacani who questions the infallibility of artificial birth control...

He was the subject of my thesis...

And I have discovered a lot about him and how he "lost" his diocese.

But I digress. That is for another post.

But here is the point:

Why is Fr. Eric soooo zealous in promoting artificial birth control?

Come clean Fr. Genilo, before this blows out of hand and we get "out of court settlements like those in America and Europe."

You know what I am talking of.

And to the CBCP...



Oh, sorry. I forgot.

Two of your members I mentioned here are dissenters.

And I have another one which I will blog later.

Be on your toes, Excellency.

What you do is not actually secret...


PS:  Fr. Abe posted the reply of Dr. Paul Gerard Horrigan on how fallible the views of these arrogant intellectuals against Humanae Vitae and artificial birth control are.

Serves them right!


  1. Oh no. Yet another dissident theologian again. It seems that this priest needs to re-study his moral theology in the light of Church teaching. BTW, do you know any school of theology that are not dissenting against the teachings of the Catholic Church?

  2. Nice name! Rice!

    I have yet to find one.

    I am not sure about UST. Heard stories about dissenters also, but can't get hard proof.

  3. Thanks! I pray that there will still be good theology schools loyal to the Catholic faith. We need more clergy, theologians and educators who will guide us in accordance with the Church. Hopefully I would not need to go out of the country just to study Catholic theology - that is, what the Church REALLY teaches.

  4. This priest should mend his ways, if not, he must be thrown out of the Church. We don't need priests like this who are teaching things that goes against the Magisterium.

  5. Catholics shouldn't use the F word in all circumstances. The only F word they can use is "forgive" and perhaps "fight".


  6. Moral Theology? More like Immoral Theology. Tsk.