Monday, January 24, 2011

Dancing at Mass is NEVER permitted!

The liturgical books and the Holy See's legislation on any addition to what the liturgical books say or as Father Edward McNamara, professor of liturgy at the Regina Apostolorum Pontifical University says it: an "overall prohibition on introducing elements not contemplated by the liturgical books"  is clear. In other words, if it does not say there, then DO NOT DO IT!

But considering that, this continues to happen each and every week and shown on national TV.  Mind you, dear TPC readers, that things that are outlawed, if unchecked and continuously done unchecked, becomes the norm.  The uninformed and easily gullible will be lead to believe that "it must be ok." because "priests do it and bishops are not outlawing it."

I guess someone is caught sleeping on the job!

It really bothers me, as a layman, why some priests just cannot follow what is in the liturgical books!

How hard can it be to just SAY THE BLACK AND DO THE RED?! (Thanks to Fr. Z for the expression!)

Dancing during the Gloria with tambourines?!?!

One hand raised in a form that, Lord knows what, has no Catholic heritage whatsoever?!?!

Overlay stole....

If I miss something, then I call God's Undercover Liturgical Police to spot the NOT!

And to those who believe that it is permissible to allow dancing at Mass, show me your proof!

Do not quote to me Varietates Legitimae, because clarifications about the subject matter of "liturgical dance" have been recently addressed like here and here and here.

So, don't give me that inculturation crap!


  1. I think I've already heard the choir and see this group of dancers 'live'. These abusers love to groove with Glory to God in the Highest with flags and tambourines and introduce a lot of mess. Do you know any 'Papuri sa Diyos' that is sung solemnly or all of them are those 'charismatic' types? Have you attended a Mass by a local Filipino priest who use the Eucharistic Prayer I? I think there's none. Proper songs for our Liturgy pls.

  2. There are Golden Monstrance. I think you just did not have a good sampling of those priests, eh?

  3. I don't like dancing during Mass, some of them would reason out,"We're not in Vatican 1, We are now in Vatican II"...
    I would say to them, so what? dancing in the Mass is over-the limit. I hope the Pope or any Vatican officials would stop it as soon as possible...Dancing during Mass is an abuse as I should say, I prefer to Serve or Attend mass without any liturgical dancers. Some people might wait and focus for the the liturgical dancer's performance than to worship during Mass.

    There's an error in the entrance procession. The cross bearer should be the one to lead the procession not the bell ringer.
    Who trained that altar server? I hope he reads the Gen. Instruction of the Roman Missal about who will be the 1st one to lead if there's no incense being used.
    So Mr. Altar Server go on and read it you have more time.

    I've served a Mass in our chaplaincy with a priest who uses Eucharistic Prayer 1,in every solemn occasions like Christmas Vigil Mass and Easter Vigil Mass he uses it, even there's no co-celebrants, I believe this is more fitting during these occasions...

  4. The Golden Monstrance: I assure you I know a few Filipino priests who use the Eucharistic Prayer 1.

  5. This is good showmanship to the world how talented and creative Filipinos can be that even a solemn celebration can be turned into a variety show!

    I guess the priest has to bring his 'cohorts' and talents to the Vatican and tell the Pope: "Your Holiness, look how gracefully and moving our celebration of the eucharist. It's effective and crowd drawing!"... "and by the way, it's fun! Hope you like it".

    Where is the barf bag?!

  6. That's why I avoid the Novus Ordo as much as I can. Enough with the modernism!

  7. This is a Charismatic Mass which explains the hands raised and dancing. Being a Charismatic I understand this. Go to a Bo Sanchez and chances are they will have their hands raised at the Gloria