Saturday, November 20, 2010

Spot the Not Answer

Was there really something wrong in this photo?


It was a trick question.


For the liberals, everything would be wrong.

From the concelebrating priest wearing beautiful Gothic chasubles instead of the chasu-alb and overlay stole...

To the deacon being so melodramatic that he wore a traditionally designed dalmatic and knelt for Holy Communion...

Yup, everything would be wrong in this photo if you think that the Holy Mass should be celebrated like the way Don Moen and the other Evangelicals worship.

Yes, kate....I too had fun with this one.  You were also right to notice the MC or acolyte for the Mass wearing a clerical collar.  He is a cleric and not a layman and so is privileged to wear it.  Lay people MUST NOT.

And this Mass offered by the Papal MC, was in the Ordinary Form ad Dominum.

Lovely isn't it?

How I wish to see this done in our churches on Sundays and everyday for that matter here in the Philippines.

How I wish.


  1. I only hoped you had other photos posted of this mass celebrated last May 16th. A lot of our liberal brethren would "wail and beat their breasts" once they see the whole set huh Mr. TPC? ahaha!

    Just for the edification of your readers, I would just like to give a few other info about the topic. The Holy Eucharistic Sacrifice was offered at the Patriarchal (Now Papal) Basilica of Saint Mary Major at the Altar of "SALUS POPULI ROMANI," which God be Praised, has been dear to the Romans and thus has been protected from the ravages of the"Spirit of the Council". Also, that al of the Masses said on this Altar have always been Ad Deum/Orientem without discontinuity!

    I suggest you put up more GULP Exams like this Mr. TPC.. this indeed is fun! We can "spot the not in the not" rather than just "getting the not...?" ahaha!!!

    God's Speed!

  2. Sure. Would gladly do that kate and thanks for the almost staple wonderful comments and lessons on the liturgy.

    yeah I had fun and would look for more.

    God bless you!

  3. Beautiful Vestments..we have the same set. Cope, Humeral Veil, Chasuble, 2 for Sub Deacon..only problem is..they are very small..people must have been of smaller stature. Never the less, we should not forget that everyone has their part and unlike the old days, Priests may not play the part of deacon at any Mass. I believe an instituted acolyte may act as the Sub Deacon for the Extraordinary Rite. Beautiful pic!