Monday, November 8, 2010

GULP Exam: What is that under the Pope's chasuble?

Nope, it is not his alb. His alb is clearly seen, the one with the lace.

Answers tomorrow morning.

(Photo courtesy of Yahoo! News)


  1. It's the Pontifical Dalmatic.

    Pontifical not in the sense that it is "reserved" only for the Pontiff's use, but be reminded that in the Old Books, a Bishop is also addressed as "pontiff" when celebrating the Holy Eucharistic Sacrifice.

    The Pontifical Dalmatic IS STILL part of the Liturgical Vesture of BISHOPS. It symbolisez the fullness of their Ordination into the Sacred Orders - from the Diaconate, to the Presbyterate, and finally the Episcopal State.

    May I remind the other viewers too that in the Forma Extraordinaria, if a Bishop "pontificates," he not only wears the Pontifical Dalmatic, but underneath it also is the Pontifical Tunicle which signifies the now supressed - but needs to be re instituted - order of the Sub-Diaconate. We do need to re-institute the old practice of the progression of seminarians into the Seven Holy Orders. I will not go into the subject in the hope that Mr. TPC will discuss it here.

    As usual, my prayers and admiration for your "blogging vocation" are with you and yours.

    God's Speed!