Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Another trash gets in Hell's Bible

Hell's Bible continues its diatribe against the Catholic Church and provides venues for the simply uninformed to the downright stupid to attack the Church.

The article, written by Dulce Aristorenas, starts with a rant of how it is nice to live in Norway, where temperatures drop insanely low.  And she tells how great her father is for topping the Bar where Marcos gotnumber one [sniff]


Several blahs more, and we get to the most idiotic paragraph of all.

Have some medications with you, because this can cause migraine attacks.


The first celebrity I know who got excommunicated from the Catholic Church was… Jackie Kennedy. [Says who?  Maybe Big Foot told her, eh?] Her sin? She married a divorced man, Aristotle Onassis. She didn’t mind. And her children continued practicing the Catholic faith.  [If there is a superlative for dumbest of all, email it pleeeaaasssseeee!]

My problem about excommunication is that it judges who can go to God or not. Excommunication just means not being able to partake of the rituals of the Catholic Church: no Holy Communion, no confession to a priest, no blessing upon death.

That’s my problem: they are rituals written by men, not by God. [Oh brother.]

Can’t I talk with my God, Jesus Christ with my heart, night or day, weep and hold His hand for strength and embrace Him for fortunes untold (winning the elocution contest) and just plain talking to Him about what I think about some Bible passages? [Does excommunication tell you that?]

My God is in me. [Now that is plain heresy.  If she knows that.  Isn't this the way Hindu and Buddhist meditations work?  Maybe she's into yoga.  Chic!  (belch)] I don’t need to be blessed when I die, if I am excommunicated, because God has given me the ultimate blessing Himself: He has carried me in His arms, like a baby, whispering: You are home,now. [So she's saying she does not need anything.  Ok, good.]

So, you may excommunicate, extradite or exfoliate the President.

But you cannot cut his relationship with God.

No one can. [What is the Church here for? After Mass Party?]

Obviously, she does not know a word she says.

Other Christian and pseudo-Christian groups like Manalo's Cult practice a system of expelling their members.

Muslims have a more humane way of dealing this. You know, like cutting your head off?

So, obviously, she is anti-organized religion.

And she does not know what the Church is talking about this RH Bill fight.

So, here's the math:    Hells Bible + Dumb Writer = Degeneration

If Norway is a better place for her, I wouldn't mind helping her pack her Louis Vitton.


UPDATE:  This article has some lines about the myth of population explosion is equal to troubled economy.  I did not include this because there have been a lot of articles written by economists and sociologists countering this.  The latest example is from Dr. Bernie Villegas of UA&P.  For the articles (click here and here and here)

I am no economists but I have this simple thing to ask:

If over population can cause economic troubles, then why in the world is China and India progressive?

If a smaller population brings more economic benefits, then why is Nauru, the 2nd smallest country in terms of population has a GDP ranking of 192 out of 193 rankings!


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