Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Listen to how Altar Girls and Communion in the Hand was "approved"

There has been a lot of innovations that have been introduced into the Church that did not pass proper protocol. The Pope is the final authority in the Church and yet most bishops, like those in Europe and the US would love to see the Church run like the Orthodox or Anglican communions.

Yeah, we all know how happily "united" they all are.

How many "All Holiness" do we see nowadays? How many Patriarchs?

And we all know why the Holy Father issued Anglicanorum coetibus? The Anglican ship has already sunk.

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  1. The Anglican Communion has hit the morally relativistic iceberg. It is about to sink. Unlike in the real Titanic, the Pope is sending a rescue ship.

    Also I would like to inform readers that again your Rosaries are helping realize a miracle. Our plan to have the Anglican Use Evening Prayer has now a host church. The Episcopal bishop is interested and a Catholic one as well. Actually, the miracle is not that lay people, Anglican, Protestants and Catholics are gathering for prayer (this happens in our country everyday!) but that the senior clergy are realizing that this is how Christ has willed it!