Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dissident theologian says: Clerical celibacy leads to child abuse!

From Times online


A leading Roman Catholic theologian [Leading?!  Or leading..dissident? lose his job? obscurity?] has linked clerical sex abuse with priestly celibacy, blaming the Church’s “uptight” views on sex for child abuse scandals in Germany, Ireland and the US. [See how dumb and stupid this "theologian" is?  How can this guy be a theologian if his views on human sexuality are so Freudian?]

Father Hans Kung, President of the Global Ethic Foundation [get that word?  ethic. He is president.  Yeah...right] and professor emeritus [Cardinal Ratzinger gave him the boot.] at the University of Tübingen in Germany, said that the Church’s attitude was also revealed in its opposition to birth control. [And now why do we even bother to call this guy "father" or "theologian"?]

The German church rejected any suggestion that abuse was linked to celibacy, homosexuality or church teaching. [Not just the Church in Germany, which is the proper term, but the entire Church!]

Last week the Regensburg Diocese in Germany revealed that a former chorister claimed he was abused while a member of its choir, [why does it take so many years before they reveal the abuse, I just wonder.  Trauma perhaps?  Perhaps.] which was led for three decades by Father Georg Ratzinger, brother of Pope Benedict XVI. [Lovely twist, ain't it.  Put super and man together in one sentence and what do you get?  Tadaan!  Man in red cape.] The Holy See said that it backed the diocese’s attempts to investigate the scandal by analysing “the painful question in a decisive and open way”. [which is the proper thing to do.  Confront it asap.  There are other child abuse cases in other churches but the media is like a swarm of locust feasting on the Catholic Church alone.  See how the devil works?] Also last week, in the Holy See, an adult chorister was sacked for allegedly procuring male prostitutes for a Papal usher.

Robert Zollitsch, Archbishop of Freiburg and head of the German bishops’ conference, branded clerical abuse “outrageous” and begged forgiveness from the victims but denied any link between abuse and celibacy. [before they were asking for an apology.  Now that a leading archbishop made it, the media wants the Church to say "Oh yeah.  We were wrong with celibacy because it makes our priests either pedophiles or sex addicts."  The devil is not resting.]

Writing in The Tablet, [Tadaan!  What Father Z calls, the Bitter Pill".  Now that is the reason I smell something stinking, like a walking dead rat lurking in the corner.] Father Kung, who in 1979 was stripped of his licence to teach Catholic theology after he rejected the doctrine of Papal infallibility, [He should be thankful he was not excommunicated.  He rejected a dogma of faith!  Well, here is what years of dialogue has brought.] welcomed the apology but described the denials of any link between abuse, celibacy and other teaching as “erroneous”. [Because he always believes he is right.  Self hypnosis.  His own brand of cocaine.]

He said that it was the case that abuse was found also in families, schools and other churches. But he asked: “Why is it so prevalent in the Catholic Church under celibate leadership?” [NO!  Go to the United States and even Protestant and Evangelical Born-Against Catholics have their own share of sexual abuse.  This guy bases his allegations on media reports alone!  And you call him a scholar?  Maybe that is their kind.  Remember that "liturgical expert" who resorted to branding Papa Benny's liturgical reform a mere nostalgia for the past?  Yeah, that's their kind.]  He said that celibacy was not the only cause of the misconduct but described it as “the most important and structurally the most decisive” expression of the Church’s uptight attitude to sex. [So here is Kung's logic.  If a priest remain celibate, he leads himself to misconduct.  Question Mr Kung:  Are you celibate?  Or are you misbehaving?  If you are celibate, then you are misbehaving.  If you are not celibate, then you are not misbehaving.  Get it?]

Citing the New Testament, he says that Jesus and St Paul practised celibacy but “allowed full freedom in this matter to each individual”. St Paul in his first letter to the Corinthians wrote: “Because of cases of sexual immorality, each man should have his own wife and each woman her own husband.” Peter and the apostles were married and their ministries did not suffer, he said, pointing out that thousands of priests protested when the new law was introduced as late as the 11th century. [Now where in the world did this nut case get all of this.  Smells like Dan Brown to me!  The details of the married life of Peter are nowhere written in the Bible so where in the world did this "scholar" get his facts?]

Father Kung said: “Compulsory celibacy is the principal reason for today’s catastrophic shortage of priests, for the fatal neglect of eucharistic celebration, and for the tragic breakdown of personal pastoral ministry in many places.” [As if we never heard that before.  Martin Luther, the heretic, used this argument as do others who live their lives to destroy the Church and what do we have?  The Catholic Church still stands.]

He argues that there are two simple solutions to the shortage of priests: “Abolition of the celibacy rule, the root of all these evils, and the admission of women to ordination. The bishops know this, but they do not have the courage to say it in public.” [Some maybe but not all.  Maybe those bishops appointed in the 70s and 80s and some in the 90s.  The Anglican and Episcopalians have no celibacy rule and they have women priests and bishops and a male homosexual bishop.  Is their church growing?  Has it improved their lot?  Some of their married priests end up having a divorce!  So is marriage and sex the answer?  Obviously not as evidenced by the situation of the steady and systematic self implosion of the Anglican Communion.  Perdition is this guy's solution.]


I once read an anecdote about John Paul II being asked by a journalist about his reaction to Hans Kung's nutty of Papal Infallibility.  The pope wittingly answered "Because Kung is infallible."

Some are saying to leave nut cases like this alone and let them babble themselves to death.

The problem is:  They continue to spread their filth!

Why don't we just tell the whole world that dissidents like this are NOT CATHOLIC ANYMORE.

God offers them Heaven and they spat back at Him. 

Remember, during the Crucifixion, the repentant thief was promised Paradise while the unrepentant one did not.


  1. Complete bunk! Most cases of child abuse happen in families where obviously the adults are not celibate.

    Also one reason why victims of abuse as a child or an adult take years to open up is that to protect themselves, the victims compartmentalize the experience and refuse to even remember it. Only when they come to complete terms with it that they tell their stories.

    You have to be more compassionate and understanding with these people who suffered this fate through no fault of their own.

  2. Did I sound inconsiderate when I asked why it took the victims years before they come out with their accusations?

    I was asking, Ben not judging.

    Maybe you should be more understanding.

  3. May the Holy Trinity forgive him. The attack against celibacy is attack against Jesus Christ himself. You're right. May we learn the lesson from what happened to the Anglicans.

    Ave Maria.