Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Litrugical Rubbish!

I am reacting to this post from a student of the master inculturator, Anscar Chupungco.

This is how he calls good liturgy.
 Good Liturgy is prepared in the context of and by the community. Good liturgy is always planned. The opposite kind is by the missalette. You know that a parish has good liturgy when you can't see any missalette near the priest.

Good liturgy leads you to God!  Period!

If planning makes liturgy "good", so these things are "good liturgy"?


For all I care, these liturgical hobbyists trumpet this madness calling the Novus Ordo, the pristine Mass of the Fathers. Yeah, right! Go back to what it was before, if indeed that was how Christians worshipped before, then let your inculturation come in! Great! There's your pristine Mass!

As if the issue of "liturgical experts" tinkering with the form of the Mass according to their whims was not addressed in the Council of Trent!

These liturgists like the Filipino blogger I quoted above, which I will not post his link so that his filth will not pollute Catholic minds, are in a hurry to spread their venom knowing that the Holy Father is continuing with his work of Reforming the Reform. With Liturgicam Authenticam, Redemptionis Sacramentum and Summorum Pontificum, these soon-to-be-jobless-liturgists will do everything to say bad things about the centuries old Traditional Latin Mass, while they raise high praises to their Novus Ordo, kumbaya-dancing-Don Moen singing-Mass!

Hey Jeff! Look at this!

Now ask your master if this is liturgically incorrect. Oh yeah, he'll say it is liturgically incorrect because the Pope turned his back to the people. Wrong! He looked at the same direction...TOWARDS THE LORD!

That altar is freestanding, which means the Pope has the option to say Mass facing the people, YET he turned towards the Lord. Don't tell me your master is more of the authority than the Pope?


  1. It doesn't matter if the priest faces tha altar of tabernacle or facing the people with the altar in the middle. These practices are both accepted in the Catholic Church. They have the same signifacant values and they both bring us closer to Christ in the Eucharist. A danger of polarizing this issue is when we push each catholic to accept either by demonizing the other.

    Let's be watchful.... always.

  2. I agree Catholic Defender. But looking at the state of things, I prefer the priest to talk to God rather than to the people during Mass. Not that I am against the Novus Ordo, but just that the leniency in implementing the rubrics of the Mass opens a floodgate of abuses.

  3. Well said, Catholic Defender!!!
    Truthful and charitable...
    Caritas in veritate!