Monday, October 26, 2009


I once posted that Tony award-winning Filipina, Lea Salonga, made a PSA for the victims of the flooding in Manila and Northern Luzon.  I posted there that he was a "proud Pinoy and Catholic:.  I might think twice with the title proud Catholic as she is supportive of the Reproductive Health Bill being pushed in Congress.  Thanks to Josemaria Lazaro Paulo Jeronimo Martin Carvalho-von verster for alerting me to her PSA in support of the RH Bill.

As Catholics, we ALL should be against any form of artificial birth control.

So that makes Lea Salonga in my Pro-life watchlist.

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  1. you are welcome,just thank god he lead me to your post to show the truth!

    May God save us from Pinoy Anti-Clerical Moral Relatvism!