Thursday, June 18, 2009

The audacity!

The Pope summoned the bishops of Austria to Rome not as part of their ad limina visit but as part of an extraordinary visit.   They were summoned to discuss with the Pope the problems--many of their own making--in the Austrian Church.  And here are some of the problems, as elaborated by St. John's Valdosta's blog: (photo courtesy of the same blog)

Under the leadership of Bishop Ludwig Schwarz, Linz [this is the same diocese that rose up in arms when the pope appointed Msgr. Gerhard Maria Wagner as auxiliary bishop.  Msgr. Wagner is a known traditionalist and it spooked the hell out of the Austrian episcopacy.] has distinguished itself as the most un-Catholic diocese in Europe.

Among Schwarz' achievements:

• Urging businesses to fight "global warming" by "lifestyle change"

• Inviting Catholics in the diocese to a "Global Church Specialist" seminar to be addressed by Hindu "eco-feminist" Dr. Vandana Shiva

• Allowed one of his priests, Father Josef Friedl, to live openly with a woman--until the story broke worldwide and the bad publicity forced him to fire Friedl (This doesn't just happen in Austria, folks).

• Permitted a Corpus Christi procession this past week using an illicitly consecrated focaccia loaf held with tongs instead of a consecrated Host in a monstrance. (see photo below) [I think it's not only illicit, it's invalid!  No wonder the people at the back were not kneeling.  It's not Christ in the Eucharist!  This guy might be working for Sbarro or Pizza Hut.]

And as if they are egging the Pope to discipline them,  Card. Schönborn also presented in the Vatican the so-called "Initiative of the Lay Faithful" (Laieninitiative), a petition by relevant Austrian Catholics launched earlier this year, which asks for the abolition of compulsory celibacy, the return to activity of married priests, the opening of the diaconate to women, and the ordination of [married] 'viri probati'.


God help us!  Copycats of Luther rising from the ashes! 

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